Great Expectations by Charles Dickens – Review

Great Expectations – An English novel written by one of the most renowned British writer of the nineteenth century,Charles Dickens in 1860 is regarded as the best of his work and a masterpiece. The novel bears the story of a kid named, pip (who is a narrator as well) with an underprivileged background who lives with his sister and her husband Joe, who is a blacksmith.

The story explained from the first person view, is about the journey of the same kid, that how he became a gentleman when patronized by an unknown benefactor throughout some difficult era of his life.

Like other Charles Dickens’s novels, this book also depicts an ugly childhood time of the main character, Pip. It is said that Charles Dickens actually portrayed his own childhood in his novels as he had a horrible time as a kid and the memories of his childhood clung to his subconscious.

That’s why we see that his main characters spend their childhood in predicament. The same can be seen in his other novel, David Copperfield as well. However there are always some good characters too who foster the leading character with love like Joe Gargery in this book.

Coming to the features of the novel, it is considered the best but kind of dark work of Charles Dickens and praised for its best characterization and story plotting. After reading the novel one could easily imagine that how thorough is the observation and how detailed is characterization of the characters by Dickens and he describes his characters in great detail.

Making long story short, I guess that you should be reading this book if you are looking for a great story and want to have fun of the language. I know that It’s a bit old book to review but there are still many who may not have read this. So if you are one of them then get your hands on to it and enjoy your time while reading it.