How to Make a Calendar in Google Sheets?

How To Create a Calendar in Google Sheets

1. Using a Pre-Built Google Sheets Calendar Template

i. Step-By-Step Guide To Use Google Template
Step 1: Open Google Sheets
Step 2: Choose Template from Template Gallery
Google Sheets New Template Gallery
Step 3: Go To the “Personal” Section
Google Sheets Template Gallery Annual Calendar
Step 4: Select Calendar Template
Google Sheets - Default Annual Calendar Template
Default Google Calendar Template
Step 5: Edit & Customize the Template
Customize Default Google Sheets Calendar Template
Step 6: Save & Print Your Calendar
ii. Step-By-Step Guide To Use Third Party Calendar Templates for Google Sheets
Step 1: Search The Web For Google Sheets Calendar Templates
Step 2: Select a calendar to see full details and use it with Google Sheets

2. Make Your Own Google Sheets Calendar

Step 1: Open a New Google Sheet
Step 2: Set The Title & Header
Custom Google Sheets Calendar
Step 3: Enter Numbers for Weeks, Date and Name of the Day in Respective Cells
Step 4: Add More Columns for Details
Step 5: Format and adjust
Google Sheets Remove Gridlines
Step 6 (Optional): Add Functionality

How to Share a Google Sheets Calendar?

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