Intel Announces New Core I9 X-Series Processors

Tech giant, Intel announced its new core I9 X-Series processors, 4-18 Core SKUs and its first teraflop desktop CPU on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

The recent announcement was made by Gregory M. Bryant, SVP and GM at client computing group at Intel.

The news came as a surprise for computer speed enthusiasts who were yearning for higher processing speed since long time.


Intel Core I9 Processors – Features

Intel claims for improvement in processing speed up to 10 percent (multi threaded) and 15 percent (single thread) as compared to its predecessors.

That’s not it. the new processor is said to cramming up to 18 cores and 36 threads on the single piece of chip. So yes, multi tasking does seem to be getting boost in the near future.

Though many regard this improvement as an overkill for most of the domestic users, these new features have been added to keep in view the demands of consumers in video editing, virtual reality and for those who frequently live stream high end video games like twitch.

In addition, recent advances in managing and analyzing big data from different sources is also going to get boost due to the high processing speed. So we can say that fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are going to see some improvements after the release. The use of splunk managed services may be beneficial in this case to help compile data together and be a solid resource for organizations.

One thing to keep in mind is that the contemporary applications/software are not designed to take full advantage of such multi core processors what I9 is offering. Therefore, a whole lot of software will be required if one needs to see the newly announced processor at the top of its performance.


Intel Core I9 Processors – Price

Lastly, as the old adage goes that, “There is no free lunch” this new CPU series comes with a whooping price of US $1,700. So it seems like that we’re only going to see some genuine users flocking around these new beasts for some time.

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