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HubSpot Email Marketing Review — Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool


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What We Like

  • Allows Free access
  • Provides a whole eco system of other marketing tools
  • Integrates easily with other renown apps
  • Responsive customer support for paid users
  • Great value for money

What We Don’t Like

  • Customer support only available for paid users
  • Pricing can be confusing and users may end up paying for unnecessary apps and services

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HubSpot Email Marketing Review

What is HubSpot Email?

History, Founder and Financial information

HubSpot Founders

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool – Key Features

#1. Drag & Drop Based Email Design

#2. Personalize Your Emails With Smart Content

Image Source: HubSpot
  • Smart Subject Line: personalize the subject line of your marketing emails based on the recipient’s contact properties, list membership, or device type. This can help you increase your email open rates and engagement by delivering relevant and appealing messages to your audience.
  • Smart CTA: display different versions of your calls-to-action (CTAs) based on the viewer’s category, such as country, device type, referral source, preferred language, contact list membership, or lifecycle stage. This can help you optimize your conversion rates and tailor your offers to your prospects and customers.
  • Smart Text: Show different content to different people based on Smart Rules. Make your emails stand out by adding a personal touch with smart text! It’s like having a magic wand for your words. In any fancy text box in your email, you can set up special rules to talk directly to certain groups of people.
  • Smart Form: display different versions of your forms based on the viewer’s category, such as device type, country, or contact list membership. This can help you reduce form friction and capture more information from your leads by showing them the most appropriate and optimized form fields.
  • Smart HTML: change any element of your website pages, landing pages, or emails based on the viewer’s category, such as device type, country, or referral source. This can help you create a fully customized and responsive design for your marketing assets, and enhance your user experience and satisfaction.

#3. Easily Automate Your Emails Using The State-of-the-Art Automation Features

#4. Simple Integration With World Renown Platforms

HubSpot Email Integrations
Image Source: HubSpot

#5. Email Segmentation For Better Organization

#6. Leverage The Power Of AI To Create Engaging Emails That Convert

HubSpot Email Marketing AI Features

Here are some of the benefits of HubSpot Email Tool’s AI Features

#7. A/B Test Your Email

With HubSpot Email A/B Testing, you can:

HubSpot Email Cost & Pricing Tiers

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool — Pros & Cons



Is HubSpot the Best Fit For You?

Impressed by HubSpot features and prices? Well, it does provide some great tools at affordable prices but there’s still one more piece to this puzzle that you need to figure out.

That’s to know that given your requirements, HubSpot is even the right fit for your business and in the below section I will let you know if HubSpot Email is worth your time your money or should you go for the alternatives.

HubSpot Email is ideal for:

HubSpot Email is not ideal for:

What are Some Popular HubSpot Email Alternatives?

As you may have noticed HubSpot offers multiple tools to run a business all addressing different sub-niches. Therefore, there can be literally hundreds of alternatives in each niche. However, solely for this article, I’ll stick to the CRMs only.

Here are a few other HubSpot CRM alternatives that you can give a shot:

User Reviews – What Do HubSpot Email Users and Popular Review Websites Have to Say About HubSpot Email?

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews

Mixed Reviews

So What’s My Verdict? Is HubSpot Email Legit and Good Enough for Your Time and Money?

Final Thoughts – Why Should You Start Your HubSpot Email’s Free Trial Today?