Bukisa – Articles Submission Website Closing Down

Today, when I checked my inbox, I received a surprising email.

The email was from Bukisa. A popular articles sharing website.


What is Bukisa?

Those who are in the article marketing niche and frequently use articles as source of gaining traction for their products, blogs websites etc. surely must have heard about it. It’s a great website to write and promote articles in order to generate back links and not just that, promote your products and whatever else you can achieve through web articles.

So what was this email about?

The email said that Bukisa is closing down and removing all the contents from their website and what led to their closure? No or very little traction.

As simple as that.

This email came to me as a surprise as in my opinion, they were doing a good job. But apparently it looks like it wasn’t good enough.

And quite frankly, this is the normal business cycle. Companies come and go. Some succeed, some fail to exist. This is what it is.

With tons of article publishing websites out there, Bukisa couldn’t stand up to the competition.

Any ways, here’s the email that I received:

Dear [User],

Thank you for being a valued Bukisa user. We regret to inform you that Bukisa will be closing down effective July 6th, 2017. At that time, we will automatically be closing all accounts and removing all content from the website.

We have decided to discontinue the service due to the limited traction it gets these days.

If you have any questions between now and January 10th, please email me at

Simon & The Bukisa Team

So it seems like that all those guys out there who are currently using Bukisa for their article marketing, need to find some other platform and I’m quite sure that majority of them are smart enough to be operating from more than one platform.

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