About Me

Hi guys, my name is Saad. A Chartered Accountant, Internal Auditor, and an Economist by qualification, I’ve spent around 6 years in the corporate world before calling it a day.

Unusually, I don’t have any gloomy stories to share about my life of working for others as except for this “working for others” part, everything was pretty Hunky Dory for me. I had a good working relationship wherever I worked and enjoyed some good memories until today.

However, it always itched me for not being able to appease my sense of achievement in a 9 to 5 job. I think of myself as a person who instead of striving in a single dimension, is much happier walking on different paths simultaneously.

Therefore, I quit!

Now, I make my living from freelancing and some other ventures which I will keep discussing over here and which is not the only but the very reason I’ve created this blog.

Additionally, during the past various years, I accumulated knowledge and experience in many domains.

Though, I never claim myself to be an expert in them as for the majority of these fields, I’m still struggling even with their basics but still, I can help many people out there in getting along.

As said above, an Accountant by profession, I keep reading a lot about radically different fields and keep myself busy researching about IT and computer languages, accounting, and finance-related stuff, machine learning (that’s right, I’m really fascinated by the recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and I believe Machine Learning is really the way forward), online money-making and various other stuff.

So I thought why not also share what I learn just to help others as well as myself. It’s a bit of clutter here. I agree. Besides, it is also not suggested to blog about different topics all in one place. Not viable at all from the marketing point of view. However, I write what I feel like writing about and I’m in no mood of putting a lid on it. Second, I don’t have that mental capacity of managing multiple domains and blogs. So I’m afraid, you guys will have to put up with it.

So here’s what you guys can take away from this blog:

1. Accounting and Finance related stuff: I’ll teach you the basic concepts of accounting, tax and finance and how you can perform bookkeeping and provide accounting and financial services to your clients. Of course, this also means dealing with famous accounting software and tools. So I’ll also make sure to keep writing tutorials related to different business software available out there and how you can get your job effectively done using them.

2. Machine Learning: Though I’m still getting my feet wet I’ll explain my mistakes and take you through my learning curve so that you can better relate with me and avoid those pitfalls that I’ve been through.

3. Technology Related Stuff: Different tutorials and how-to-guides as well as some technology related news. What’s the latest happening in the IT world, the latest gadgets, and developments, etc. Some of the domains that I will be writing on will be Javascript, HTML/CSS, Node.JS, etc.

4. Book reviews: I like to read and will be sharing what I read in form of reviews. I’m sure this will create a healthy environment and in the whole process, I’ll get to know many other interesting books and authors as well.

5. Gaming: I love gaming and want to share this hobby with like-minded people out there. So you guys can go ahead suggest games to review, tips, tricks, and walk-throughs would be nice as well. Additionally, what’s the next big hit in the gaming industry, etc. I’ll discuss all of these.

6. Blogging Tips and Tricks: Since I’m blogging, I’ll keep sharing some valuable tips like planning content, how using social media platforms can help you grow instagram followers to gain more traffic for your blog and understanding the audience. As well as this, I’ll also share my mistakes and high points specifically in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and overall blogging in general. That’s some cool stuff especially for the aspiring bloggers out there.

7. How To Make Money Online: Need say any more…!?

6. And the list will keep on expanding. That’s something I can say for sure.

The reasons I’ve created this blog.

To learn by teaching others.

I’ve always felt that I grasp the concepts better when I start learning/reading/observing something in the “Teacher’s mode”.

I guess the feeling of responsibility that I have to teach the same to others compels me to concentrate better which helps in better wrapping my head around any topic. This mindset also helps me in evaluating the topic critically as I start thinking about the questions that a student may ask from me.

All of these factors combined, help me understand any topic in a much better way.

So the foremost reason for this blog is to help myself by helping others.

To Overcome My Laziness & Learn New Skills

No doubt that productivity rises when there is a sense of accountability. Otherwise, laziness takes over. Binge-watching all the episodes of breaking bad again and again seems more interesting than figuring out a bug in code or mastering another machine learning algorithm.

This blog will be my accountability.

Knowing that I have a post to write for my readers will motivate me to put myself in rather more productive activities.

So I believe this blog will serve as a great anti-procrastinating tool for me.

To Develop My Own Portfolio

Lastly, I see blogs as a peek into one’s skill set and therefore can be the best sort of portfolio one can manage.

If you need to showcase your skills, I believe blogs are one of the best media to display your talent. There’s no limitation of space, no requirements of just one or two pages of CV. You have more than enough room to express yourself and anyone who follows your blog regularly can ascertain the level of your expertise related to any field.

So this is what I’m going to do. Build up my profile by helping you guys out, creating tutorials, identifying problems, seeking solutions.


I really look forward to growing in terms of skills and capabilities together throughout this journey.