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Content SEO Score VS Content Quality

What should you aim for if these two features happen to be mutually exclusive? Content SEO score or the overall content quality?

Though, as the search engines are getting advanced and sophisticated, the events are getting rarer where you have to decide between two so much that in fact, quality is becoming akin to good SEO. However, still there can be circumstances where you have to take sides with any one feature in order to let the other one go. If you are new to the world of SEO, knowing that specialist digital marketing companies such as Indexsy exist and are useful if you want to take your knowledge of SEO to the next level. As there can be a lot for anyone to get their head around when it comes to digital marketing, for some people, it may be easier to watch a number of videos on how to sell SEO to at least get a better understanding of how important SEO could be the businesses.

So, under those circumstances, what should it be?

Content or Quality?

Well written, rich in information article or a highly optimized article with great SEO score but sub standard writing quality with little information?

Before exploring the possible solution, let’s make one thing clear.

As mentioned above, since the search engines are becoming smarter, the difference between the two distinct features is becoming narrower so what do I mean when I say Quality VS SEO?

Specifically restricting myself to just this article, a good quality content means:

  1. imparting useful information
  2. solving some problem that your readers are facing
  3. Not focusing on particular set of keywords
  4. Inclined towards overall quality rather than quantity. So it’s concise and to the point (less than 1,000 words)

Similarly, when I talk about a content with high SEO score, I mean an article:

  1. focusing heavily on popular keywords
  2. does not share much valuable information
  3. Is long (contains (unnecessarily) more than 1,000 words)

In case you are wondering if this article is comparing the Quality VS Quantity then I’d say, it’s not!

The quantity vs quality is a whole different topic which I intent discuss in some other post.

Now, continuing to our debate, it’d be much easier if we analyze the benefits of the two features separately.

Benefits of Having a Good Quality Article

The benefits of having a good quality article would mean:

  1. strong and loyal readers/users base
  2. greater social media sharing
  3. more backlinks from authority websites

Benefits of having a content with high SEO score

The only benefit that I can think of is:

  1. more visits from search engines hence your organic visitors will grow in number

Now, in order to decide between the two, it depends on what are your objectives?

Sure, a good quality article seems to be much viable option to strive for but how will you get your visitors in the first place to visit and then read that article?

Email marketing seems to be one solution but unless you are paying some good bucks to get your hands on high quality mailing list, you will have to rely pretty much on your own list which is only possible once you start receiving good numbers of visitors.

So deciding if you should go for the quality or high SEO score, depends on your objectives.

Content with high SEO score will get you the visitors but you will have difficult time in retaining them.

On the other hand a good quality content will help you retain your visitors and eventually help you bring in some more visitors based on their words of mouth but this will take some considerable time.

Long Term or Short Term Objectives

The decision between the two depends if you are seeking long term or short term benefits,

We’ve been trained from the beginning that our inclination should be more towards the long term instead of the short but sometimes you can gain more benefit by trying to achieve short term goals.

For e.g. people have built their businesses on the model of creating and selling websites. They create a website, fill it with bunch of highly optimized articles and once that website starts seeing some decent visitors, sell it for a profit only to create a new one.

This business model is pretty popular for websites aiming to sell any product (most likely affiliate products) related to any niche. Or any product that’s popular just because of a particular trend.

So what they do is that they highly (SEO) optimize their content, put their affiliate links within it and then start promoting it.

Since their objectives are not long term, they either try to make money from their websites by selling those products or simply sell their websites to interested buyers in return of a premium. It is also likely that these people haven’t considered slickplan’s user flow guide when designing the website, which is something that should be done.

This is one of the example of how you can gain maximum even by focusing on the short term goals.

However, if you want to reap some benefits in the long term, or want to gain some loyal, may be few but highly responsive visitors, then you should be focusing on the overall quality of your website’s content.

This will definitely take some time but the reward is priceless.

Additionally, once you have some good following, launching a new product/website/blog will be much easier for you. Since now you only have to mention this new venture to your readers.

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Do let me know what is it that you truly focus on when writing content for your blog?

In case you want to express your opinion or point out a mistake, there’s comment section for you guys below. Make sure you use it.