TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Module – Launch your Online Store

TradeGeko’s B2B eCommerce Module allows you to expand your reach by launching your own online store so that you may offer your products to the retailers and wholesalers worldwide. This can often work in tandem with other tips on digital marketing that you may have come across and wish to implement for your business. Any store or business selling a service or product can have multiple strategies for building online presence and widening customer reach. The more relevant strategies you can use, the more growth you can see in your business.

The B2B eCommerce feature allows you to take your wholesale business to the next level by allowing your wholesale customers getting access to a dedicated online eCommerce portal. It may also be worth using online merchant accounts too to accept payment in almost any currency, allowing you to create a global perspective for your business. There are so many fantastic pieces of software that can make running an ecommerce store, much easier. Software for better user engagement, data security, mobile application, and much more can be considered. For example, SAP Hybris Commerce implementation can help extend your storefront capabilities, implement intuitive features, and tune pages that can attract your customers back for more. Such software can provide multi-channel solutions and a personalized experience that every customer craves. If you aren’t sure which software would suit you, it might be best for you to read some reviews, such as this samcart review.

In essence, TradeGecko is not only a top-class inventory management software but also an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce or Joomla which allows you not only to sell your products but at the same time tracks your inventory, maintain proper accounting and helps in forecasting and planning for the future inventory demands.

In this article, we will see how you can launch your own store on TradeGecko, invite your (wholesale) customers by providing them access to your B2B portal and track your store insights.

TradeGecko – Online Store for Wholesale Customers

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TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Module – Launching your Online Store

Launching a store on TradeGecko requires just four self-explanatory steps. You can access them through the B2B eCommerce option on the left menu.

These steps are:

#1. Confirming Default B2B Settings

TradeGecko - Online Store Settings

Though you can always edit the settings later, the B2B settings window collects input about primary stock location (a.k.a Stock Location Fallback), price list fallback, setting up terms and conditions page for your store etc.

Most important of all, you can assign a custom-domain to your online store. So investing in TradeGecko means not only you’re investing in an inventory management software but also you can save around a few hundred (or in some case, even thousands) bucks a year in web hosting.

If you haven’t bought a domain, TradeGecko assigns you a default subdomain to your store based on your account name.

Click the Save Changes button to proceed to the next step.

#2. Publish Products to your B2B Store

TradeGecko - Publish Product Online Store

You may need to create items/products first in TradeGecko to complete this step. What this step does is that it publishes and makes your products available on your online store for your customers.

You can choose which items from your stock to make available for the customers. Later, you may also unpublish a stock for any reason. Say, you ran out of stock and don’t want your customers to see the message of “Out of stock”.

#3. Design and Preview your Store

As self-explanatory as it can get, this step ensures that your store looks visually and textually appealing.

You can add your logo, headers etc. using this option. Moreover, you can provide access to the customers to the B2B portal from this window. This step has 4 distinct options:

  1. Branding: Upload your logo, adjust the color theme of your store by selecting the primary and secondary colors.
  2. Content: Display the header message and configure additional and important settings like product sorting, display or hide out-of-stock items etc.
  3. Login: The content that would appear on the portal’s login page
  4. Access: Provide access to the portal to your customers through this option.

You can also see how your store would look like from the customer’s perspective by clicking the Preview Store as Customer” option from the top.

If everything looks good, you can click the Launch and Invite Customers to proceed to the next step.

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#4. Invite Customers and Launch your Store

TradeGecko - Invite Wholesale Customers

Invitations are sent out through emails. TradeGecko already has a default email template along with the button to accept invitation in it.
However, you can edit the email template according to your own accord.
Before sending the invitation, you need to add customers within TradeGecko. That’s quite obvious as you need email addresses to send out invitations in the first step.
Once the customers are added, you can either invite each customer individually or in bulk.

Note: In order to be able to send invitations to the customers, you first need to create customers from the Relationships window.

In order to enable ordering, all your customer has to do is to accept the invitation and create his user id. That’s it.

#5. Track your Store’s Insights

Track your top products and customers from the Insights window. Though this window lacks the deep analytics, but you can still gain some valuable insights using this feature and plan accordingly.

Final Word

TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce platform provides the facility and flexibility to approach your customers and market your products. Even better, it helps to create a special relationship with your customers as the customers prefer being treated as VIPs.

In tandem with the top-of-the-line business intelligence features, the dedicated portal ensures that you can focus on each and every customer specifically thus harnessing your relationship without any extra cost as you can get in contact with them quite easily.