Complete GetResponse Review – Overview, Features, Price

Email marketing is as prevelant as ever so companies look to secure sales and loyal customers by contacting them via email. If you don’t have much knowledge about email marketing then take a look on TheDigitalWise to find out more about it. If you have tried email marketing before then you will know that there are numerous softwares you can use to improve and automate you email marketing so in this article, we will review GetResponse. An easy-to-use email marketing software that I myself use in my email marketing endeavors. We will see that what are the overall features provided by this email automation software against what price and how they make GetResponse one of the world’s most in-demand email marketing tool.

I’m sure this complete GetResponse review will give you a good idea about the features, specs and prices of this email automation software which will help you decide if you should really invest in it.

GetResponse Review

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a cloud-based email marketing software (some may also call it an email automation software) that helps you design and implements your email marketing tactics and strategy by managing your email contacts. From collecting email leads to sending out emails.

All of these activities can be automated, organized and timed with the help of GetResponse.

History of GetResponse

GetResponse came into existence in 1998 when a polish teenager with an entrepreneurial mindset, Simon Grabowski decided to take his “pet-project” of managing emails to the next level.

Totally funded by equity, today, this email automation software boasts 350,000 subscribers in 180 countries.

GetResponse Pricing

The price of this software depends on the different factors such as the size of your email list and the features you want. The more email contacts you need to manage and the more features that you demand, the more you have to pay. That’s quite obvious. Isn’t it?

Moreover, the prices also depend on the payment plan that you may choose. Quite obviously, you can claim a bulk-discount when paying on the yearly basis rather than monthly.

Stating an obvious figure that how much GetResponse will cost you is quite confusing.

However, just to give you an idea of the minimum and the maximum, you can expect the range to be from $15/month for the most basic “Email” plan to $1,199/month for the enterprise level client whose list size may reach more than 100,000 contact addresses.

Again, there’s also a possibility that two subscribers with the same email list size may end up paying a different subscription because they may choose different payment plan (monthly or yearly) or may require different features.

GetResponse has divided its packages into 4 different segments or plans (based on the number of email list). All hailing different prices and features. These are:

  1. Email Plan:

    Best for beginners and bloggers, this list size allowed with this package is from 1 to 4,999. The price varies according to the number of contacts. For e.g. from 1 to 1000 it’s $15/month and increases to $25/month as soon as the list size spans from 1,001 to 2,500. So on and so forth.

  2. Pro Plan:

    Best for small businesses and growth-focused marketers. The minimum list size for this plan should be 5,000 email subscribers. This plan also gives away an email marketing course worth $199 for free.

  3. Max Plan:

    Best for the marketing pros with advanced needs. Minimum list size for this plan is 10,000 email addresses.

  4. Enterprise Plan:

    Suitable for big organizations looking for a scalable high-performance solution. The minimum list size that this package supports is 100,000.

I’m sure that the image below will give you a better understanding of GetResponse’s pricing.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Features

Once we have discussed the pricing, let’s see what features does this email automation tool provides.

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#1. Free Trial Period

You can try this software for straight 30-days, test its features, see if it suits your needs and then actually pay for it. The best thing is that it’s available for all the packages discussed above. So no matter what size of subscription you’re looking forward to purchasing, you can test all the features for 30-days and then pay once you’re satisfied with it.

GetResponse - Grow Your List - 300x250

#2. Automate your Emails and Organize your Email Lists

Want to schedule an email and send it sometime in the future? Well, you can do that with the normal email clients as well such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.

So what’s so novel about it?

Well, you can add and organize the contacts in your email list by dividing them into different segments.

These segments can be based on different features such as geographical location, gender and many other data points that your email list has. The best thing is that you can introduce your own data points to later create segments on the basis of them.

To know more about the level of automation GetResponse offers, read the “Workflow Automation” point below.

#3. Opt-in Forms to Capture Leads

You may have noticed while surfing many websites on the web that while reading the content of the website, a form asking for your email address either pops up, slides in or just shows up from nowhere.

These are the opt-in forms and they help the webmaster to collect emails from their readers.

Every email marketing strategy starts from capturing email leads and then eventually converting them into sales (or readers).

The whole environment created around this concept to capture leads and converting them to viable sales is called a sales funnel.

GetResponse offers the feature of creating opt-in forms which can be integrated into your website (no matter what the platform). You can choose from various options where and when you want the opt-in form to show up. After ‘x’ seconds, upon scrolling, on leaving the website etc. All these features allow you to enhance the chances of having access to the potential buyers.

#4. Ready-Made, Eye-Catching Email Templates and Landing Pages

Sending bland and boring text-based emails is a thing of past. With the ready-made and aesthetically appealing email templates that you can choose from the library.

These attractive email templates ensure that higher engagement of your recipients and eventually higher conversion rates. Thus in return, you can achieve higher sales targets and viewership.

The reason you’d need the feature of designing your own emails is due to the hard-fact that the attention span globally is declining. Although, a BBC report attempts to debunk this theory but still, readers today, have more choices than ever before. An alternate just a click away gives them more power over themselves, what they want to watch or read, therefore, you need a content that keeps your readers hooked up. At least to the point that allows you to convey your message clearly.

Designing beautiful emails is a step towards this marketing effectiveness.

Besides, not all emails are just “one-dimensional”. Discussing just one topic.

What if you want to send a monthly round-up email to your readers? In that case, you need to split your email into different distinguishable parts.

Of course, this cannot be achieved if you send them a text-based email.

You need to craft a well-designed email, include some graphics and styling so that your readers can identify different topics in the same email.

Coming to the landing pages, they are much “richer” version of the opt-in forms that we discussed above.

While the opt-in forms help you collect the email addresses, the landing page in addition to what the opt-in form does, also provides you with much more options such as adding a “call-to-action” button, add more descriptive content, a counter-offer (an incentive such as an ebook, infographics or a cheat sheet) etc. In short, landing pages are the mini-websites which have no navigations in it that help you gain more leads.

A (dedicated) landing page is an essential tool for your email marketing strategy. One study reveals that the landing page has a potential visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 35.62%. Imagine getting your hands on 36 email addresses for every 100 visitors that you’re able to bring on your landing page.

So in addition to allowing you to create aesthetically appealing landing pages, one of the best things about GetResponse is that even when you don’t have your own domain or a website, you can host your landing pages on GetResponse. With a subdomain provided to each of your landing pages, you can divert your visitors to them reap the benefits even without even owning a website or having acquired a domain.

GetResponse Landing Pages
Choose from hundreds of landing page templates

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#5. Comprehensive and Rich Reports to Perform Analysis

All your efforts are in vain if you do not have effective data collection process taking note of the essential data-points. Establishing an accurate feedback-loop system is of paramount importance.

This ensures that you can fine-tune your performance based on the data you receive from your reporting system.

What are your weak points, which department requires more attention and which one is wasting your precious man-hours and other resources etc. all of this is only possible once you’re collecting maximum available information as well as acting on that information.

GetResponse provides you with the set of comprehensive reporting tools which allow you to gauge your email marketing performance.

You can see how many emails are actually opened by your intended recipients, how many were followed through by the readers and they clicked the link in it, what links were clicked, what is “sign-up” rates of your opt-in forms.

Just to give you an idea of the “richness” of the GetResponse’s reporting system, here’s how it reports your performance:

  1. Real-time activity tracking to give you updates second-by-second
  2. Mobile view stats to let you know the email clients, devices, operating system etc. your subscribers are using to send emails based on the individual preferences.
  3. A/B split testing to compare the performance of the two emails and see which fares better.
  4. GetResponse tracks the numbers of visits, signups, sales etc. to give you valuable insights about the real email ROI.
  5. Do you prefer charts or tabular data? GetResponse has got your back on both fronts. You can view your stats through the interface that suits you best.
  6. See if people like your content on the social media. GetResponse measures the numbers of tweets, shares and comments on major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  7. The Global View provides you the graphical interface of what actions were taken on your email. Subscriber from which part of the globe interacted with your email. Opened, clicked or shared it.


#6. Automate your Business Marketing Workflows

GetResponse Automation Workflows
Drag-and-Drop Based User Interface of GetResponse Workflow Automation Dashboard

As GetResponse claims, the email marketing software allows you to mold the software according to your business needs instead of the other way around. So you can mold it to make it comply with your unique business models.

The workflows allow you to assign automated actions based on your users’ behavior.

All you have to do is create the conditions and the actions to be taken based on those conditions. The predetermined subscriber’s behavior can trigger action. Even better, you can sharpen your actions by applying some filtering, scoring and tagging.

Isn’t this cool?

You’re able to respond to your subscribers’ behavior at the individual level and yet still save time. All you have to do is design an effective marketing workflow and let GetResponse handle from there.

Running short on time? There’s absolutely no problem. The ready-made workflow automation templates will give you a head-start in designing your own workflow. Just pick a template from the ones already provided and see if it needs some tweaks to suit your scenario.

These literally hundreds of ready-made workflow automation templates cover major e-commerce scenarios from cart abandonment to affiliate promotions.

#7. Integration with Major Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are frequented by billions of internet users daily. In fact, just in the US, reportedly, 68% of the adults use Facebook.

You can imagine that how much money you’re leaving on the table if social media is not part of your email marketing campaign.

In order to widen your reach and increase your sales, it is necessary that your email marketing software allows social media integration so that you can tap in new subscribers from these platforms.

GetResponse becomes your go-to email marketing software when it comes to taking your email marketing to the mainstream social media platforms as it allows you to:

  1. Instantly add and integrate social media sharing buttons within your emails and generate proper and comprehensive reports of your subscribers’ interactions.
  2. Add the opt-in forms on Facebook so that you don’t have to lure visitors from the social media website to your website first in order to obtain their email addresses. They can subscribe right from your Facebook page. Obviously, this increases the subscription rates as there’s one less click for the visitors now. I’m sure you’re aware of the legendary “laziness” of an average internet user.
  3. Instantly share your newsletters on the social media websites as soon as they’re emailed to your subscribers.

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#8. Support for Major Blogging and E-Commerce Platforms

Manage a WordPress blog or a blog on Magento?

Own a Shopify or a WooCommerce store?

GetResponse allows you to integrate their software with the major blogging and e-commerce platforms so that you can increase your chances of accessing more subscribers potential to turn into customers.

You can add opt-in forms, landing pages etc. with these platforms to enhance your online efforts which will in turn, help you gain access to wider customer-base.

#9. An Ecosystem for Conducting Webinars

If you’ve been in an online marketing for a while. I’m quite sure that you appreciate of conducting webinars. If on the one side they help you generate more leads, on the other side, it creates a direct (or in some cases, face-to-face) interaction with your potential customers.

As a result, the chances of actually making a sale skyrockets.

GetResponse provides you to set up and conduct webinars. And not just non-interactive, plain old webinars, but it allows you to create polls, screen sharing, whiteboard features to help you conduct a lively and engaging webinar.

Once done with the webinar, generate a detailed attendee reports to see how you performed.

GetResponse Webinar Settings
Apply basic to advance level webinar settings

#10. Training Material and Guides

If you’re worried about getting along with GetResponse then you don’t really have to bother about it.

First, GetResponse’s own website is filled with helpful guides and tutorials to not only learn the basics of the website but in addition to that, regular training and webinars also help you learn the trick of the trade and in this case, the “trade” is the email marketing as a whole.

These tutorials, guides and other learning materials will make sure to transform you into a decent online marketing specialist.

GetResponse - Download Free eBook - 300x250

#11. A/B Split Testing

Confused about what works and what doesn’t?

GetResponse has a solution for it as well.

With A/B split testing, you can see which email newsletter has more appeal. Keep the winner and discard the one that didn’t perform well.

Though many rookies don’t give much weight to A/B testing but the pros know the importance of it. They appreciate that how even a minor tweak can improve your results by many folds. And GetResponse’s A/B testing helps you achieve this result.

You can test the color, button size, shape, layout, content, subject line and many other parameters and see which has more effect on your conversion rates.

Once you have the winner, send it to the remaining email addresses in your list to reap the fruit of your efforts and testing.

#12. ByPass Spam Filters

Imagine putting all your efforts into designing your email strategy, conducting tests, crafting visually soothing and linguistically appealing emails with a clear call-to-action.

While you think that you’ve got everything covered there’s still one chink in the armor that you need to be wary of.

What if your email never lands in the inbox of your subscribers? Their email clients constantly mark your email as a spam and there’s nothing you can do about it.

What would you do then? Are all your efforts going to go in vain?

Luckily, GetResponse provides a solution to it as well.

GetResponse’s spam score helps you analyze the probability that your email is going to end up in the spam box.

It lets you know about the major factors that the email clients consider before deciding if the email is a spam or ham. Based on those factors, GetResponse assigns a score to your email which is the probability of the ultimate “fate” of your emails.

Once you receive the GetResponse’s feedback, you can apply the changes to lower the probability of your email ending up as a spam and you’re golden.

GetResponse Spam Score
SpamScore: 1.324. Thou Shall Pass…!

#13. Rapid Response Support

With the real-time chat system, I’ve found GetResponse support to be quite rapid and helpful.

Normally, I don’t have to wait more than 5 minutes to receive a response from one of their representatives.

Due to their ready response, there are countless obstacles that I’ve crossed while learning about this software.

#14. GetResponse CRM

While the GetResponse CRM is worthy of its own article, I’ll be quite succinct here.

In case you don’t know what a CRM is, it stands for Customer Relationship Management.

GetResponse CRM helps in converting your leads into customers.

With the GetResponse CRM you can create pipelines. Pipelines are the visual representation of the process, sales or other business interactions. It helps in tracking your relationship status with your particular customer. When did you last interact, what was the communication about, what was the lead’s response? You can add your comments, suggestions to keep track of what has been achieved and what is to be achieved pertaining to a particular customer.

Once the target is met, you can close the pipeline and start a new one with the same lead.

#15. Manage Users

In case you manage a marketing department of your own or want to assign the user access to other users, there’s no need to hand over your username and password.

With the “Team” add-on feature you can add collaborators to your account. Assign them a set of roles and responsibilities all without sharing your credentials.

A smart solution especially for big marketing departments.

Final Word

While the features of GetResponse go on and on, I believe it’s best to wrap it up as I’m sure that you get the gist of how effective GetResponse email marketing software can be in generating more leads and converting them to even more sales.

If you want to try out the features yourself, remember what I mentioned about the 30-days trial period that they provide. I’d suggest you give it a try and see for yourself if GetResponse is really worth its salt. Just follow this link to signup for a 30-days free trial period.

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