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Beginners Guide to Media.Net Affiliate Program

In the last article where I reviewed Media.Net, I also mentioned the two methods of making money from Though the first method was quite obvious. Which is displaying contextual ads on your blog and earning in terms of total visitors impressions. Another way to make money from is through its affiliate program. The Affiliate Program.

What is Affiliate Program?

The’s affiliate program or what it is officially called, the Ambassador Program provides an opportunity to its members to promote to the new publishers and earn in form of commissions of what the referred publishers earn.

How much can you earn from the’s Affiliate Program?

For every referral that you bring to Media.Net, you can earn 10% of what your referral earns in his first year.

That’s right, you do not keep earning commissions from your referrals’ earnings throughout their lives. The window stays open for 1 year and that’s it.

Second, as part of the affiliate programs, you need to make sure that your referrals’ also make money as you’re going to earn only when they earn. So just by referring others does not do the trick. You have to make sure that your referrals’ actively pursue their “online career” so that you also make money.

Just for an idea that how much money can you make from the Media.Net’s affiliate program, let’s assume that you’re able to refer 10 publishers to who earn $100 each in a month. Your own earnings for that particular month will be:

(10 publishers x $100) x 10.00% = $100.00

That’s $100.00 absolutely passive income coming right in your bank account.

How to Apply for the Media.Net’s Affiliate Program?

Unfortunately, you have to apply separately for the’s affiliate program and already being a member of Media.Net’s publisher account does not mean that you’re enrolled in its affiliate program as well.

However, you can use the same email address for the affiliate program which you used for your publisher account.

In order to apply as an affiliate, just click here

Just enter your name (first and last), email ID and agree to the Media.Net’s terms and conditions. You’re all good to go. Affiliate Program Sign Up

How to Promote Media.Net to other Publishers

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, will take some time to officially approve your ID. What this means is that though you will be able to access your affiliate account but you won’t see any promotional material (such as links and banners) to promote. will inform you of your approval through an email. They informed me within 10-14 hours and once you’re approved, you’re all set to promote Media.Net

All you have to do is:

  1. Click the “Programs” link present at the top of your main dashboard. - Dashboard - Programs
  2. Click the “Refer More Earn More” link - Refer More Link
  3. Select from different forms of promotional materials such as “Links” or “Banners” to promote Media.Net Referral Links and Banners
  4. These links and banners have your unique “tracking code” which helps Media.Net track new publishers coming from your ID.

And that’s it. You can promote your referral links on your own blog, forums or any social media websites (remember, no spamming). There are multiple social media platforms that you can use for your referral links, but you need to make them look appealing to your followers. If you currently do not have many followers, it may be a good idea to look into how you can Buy tiktok followers, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, etc. to get a wider base to promote to and get you started on reaching higher numbers.

The more you people you refer, higher the chances of your earnings.

Additional Benefit Of Being Your Referral

Besides monetizing their blogs, there’s one more incentive that you can offer to your potential referral so that they sign up using your referral link.

That’s an additional 10% income for 3 months.

What this means is that if a new publisher signs up using the affiliate link of any current publisher, they earn additional 10% for 3 months on top of their earnings.

What this means is that if your referral earns $100 each month for the first 3 months, their total 3 months earnings will be $300.

While you will earn $30 ($300 x 10%) from your referral’s earnings but at the same time, your referral’s own earnings will be topped up by additional $30. So effectively speaking, they will be earning $330.

I’ve seen few websites where they’re promoting this general feature provided by the to all of its ambassadors as an exclusive arrangement between themselves and the

Though they’re not legally wrong, but there’s a slight hint of window dressing.

However, you can do the same to entice even more publishers to Little Girl 360x280

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