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What We Like

  • Provides best server response time and server uptime of 99.99%
  • Uses modern Docker container technology that makes the website efficient and less prone to downtime due to self healing servers
  • Set and Forget horizontal auto-scaling ensures that resources are both upgraded and downgraded according to the requirements
  • Easily add Free SSL Certificates, configure back ups and more options within just few clicks from their easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • 24/7 telephone and live chat support. Additionally, the support teams monitors websites after every minute to ensure smooth working

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly expensive. Not suitable for hobbyist, beginners or WordPress users seeking low cost hosting solution
  • Does not support WordPress multisite

Looking for the best hosting for WordPress? Convesio, a relatively new entry, and powered by Docker container-based platform, makes the claim of being the best-managed WordPress hosting.

Additionally, it also claims to provide a stress-free solution to managing WordPress websites where you can scale and deploy complex and high-speed infrastructures within 3 clicks.

Now, I know that this may sound a bit too technical but don’t worry as in this Convesio review, we’ll see that if these features are even worth their salt and how they can benefit any new or existing WordPress website. We’ll also see in detail Convesio pricing, features, pros and cons and alternatives so that you’ll have a good idea if Convesio is even worth a shot.

But before jumping on the review, please go through this important disclaimer:

Convesio Review – What is Convesio?

What is Convesio WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is a cloud-based WordPress Hosting service that claims to provide simple, affordable Managed WordPress hosting where users can deploy a WordPress site with load balancers, a database cluster, and a redundant file system in under a minute.

In short, Convesio enables and simplifies setting up complex infrastructure along with some fancy tech stack for WordPress websites thus resulting in high-performing and super-fast WordPress websites.

Convesio leverages the technology of Docker containers in order to provide a highly efficient and reliable system for websites.

What is Docker?

What is Docker?

I know it will be very difficult to explain what Docker is in just a single or two paragraphs, especially when you don’t have any technical background. So I will try to simplify it as much as I can to water it down.

So here’s what Docker is.

Docker is a tool that automates the deployment of applications using “containers” (a sub-system within Docker with all dependencies) so that the application can run and work efficiently in different environments.

This is more or less like having a Virtual Machine (sorry, if you’re also not aware of Virtual Machines (VM)) but just more efficient.


Convesio was founded back in 2018 by Tom Fanelli.

Tom Fanelli - CEO Convesio

Tom has great experience in San Francisco Bay Area as he’s worked for different IT companies and also served on their board which definitely helped Tom to start Convesio for business-critical websites and startups. His experience of working with startups has definitely given him the much-needed insights to cater to the needs of the startups which we also see in Convesio.

Convesio Pricing – How Much Does Convesio Cost?

When it comes to Convesio’s pricing, is rather expensive than its competitors, however, in their defense, they claim to provide over-the-top and premium Managed WordPress Hosting service that is not provided by anyone else.

While we’ll have a look at these features later, for now, let’s have a look at their pricing plans.

As of today, Convesio offers the following four (4) distinct plans. These are:

Price$50 / month$100 / month$150 / month$350 / month
Base FeaturesBase FeaturesBase FeaturesBase Features
WordPress InstallationsSingleSingle Single Multiple
Monthly Visits10,00050,000150,000Custom
Memory512 MB1 GB2 GBCustom
CPU 1 vCPU/Single Thread 2 vCPU/Single
4 vCPU/Single Thread Custom
PHP Workers4816Custom
Storage5 GB10 GB10 GBCollective Storage Limits
SupportEssentials Support PackageEssential Support Package+Pro Support PackageCustom Support Package
Edge PerformanceEdge PerformanceEdge PerformanceAccess to Professional Services

Convesio Features & Benefits

Once we’ve got past Convesio pricing, let’s have a look at the features against this price and the benefits that you can reap from these features.

1. Free 30-Day Trial

Do you want to be absolutely sure about the merits of Convesio before giving it a shot?

Well, don’t worry at all. Convesio offers a free 30-day trial to its users where you don’t even have to submit your credit card information. You’ll get a temporary domain so just go ahead, sign up for the free trial, deploy your servers, stress test your WordPress website and gauge its performance.

I’m sure this is more than enough period to test each and every Convesio feature and compare it with other WordPress Hosting companies.

2. Deploy WordPress Under a Minute

Convesio thrives on simplicity. You can deploy WordPress websites in under a minute, add domains, SSL certificates, caching and auto-scaling in just a few clicks.

Here’s a short video showing how easy is it to install a WordPress website on Convesio.

3. Use of Docker Containers

I’ve already discussed what Docker containers are and how can they make your application more efficient thus improving overall performance so I won’t go into any more details here.

Logically, this applies to the WordPress deployment as well. Therefore, WordPress websites deployed on Convesio’s cloud servers have this inherent advantage of being efficiently managed to result in providing better speed and performance.

4. 99.99% Uptime History

Convesio clusters have a history of staying up and online 99.99%.

Now, what does this percentage even mean? I mean I totally understand if after reading Convesio’s uptime history the question that’s popping into your mind is that 99.99% of what?

Convesio Uptime History - 99.99%

Well, let me make it even simpler for you to understand.

According to Pingdom’s Uptime Cheat Sheet below, 99.99% uptime means a downtime of just four (4) minutes in a whole month. This means that if we talk about a whole year, you can be sure that your WordPress website, hosted on Convesio won’t go down for more than 52 minutes.

Pingdom Uptime Cheat Sheet

Quite a remarkable feat if you own a mission-critical website when going offline means loss in revenue or more importantly, your prestige.

5. Blazing Fast Servers with Super-Quick Response Time

What’s the by-product of any efficient system may I ask?

It’s obvious. Things start to run smoothly. Consume fewer resources and give more results. No blockages, no disruptions whatsoever. All of this, in turn, gets things done at a much higher pace as compared to any inefficient system – and this is what you get with Convesio.

With Docker containers and other state-of-the-art infrastructure in place, Convesio’s servers have been consistently outpacing its competitors by leaps and bounds.

Convesio Competitors Before and After Load Times

What this means is that if your primary concern for your WordPress website is speed (which actually is a pretty important metric to rank higher in search engines) then Convesio can be your go-to choice.

6. Free SSL Certificates

Although this feature is more or less a cliche now as all the other WordPress Web Hosting reviews that I have done here, you’ll see it as a common occurrence. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning every time because of the underlying importance that these SSL certificates now hold for websites.

Covesio - Add Free SSL Certificates

Since search engines have now started to look for SSL certificates and consider them an important factor for their rankings, having a free SSL certificate for your website is a definite plus.

7. Set and Forget Horizontal AutoScaling

With Convesio, you don’t have to worry about running out of resources and ending up with 504 or other errors during peak time. Convesio has a feature of Autoscaling where it upgrades or downgrades website resources based on the website traffic requirements.

The following video shows how Convesio automatically adjusts website resources by adding and removing docker containers on complete autopilot. You don’t have to even lift a finger.

The benefit of this feature is that first, and I’ve already mentioned it above, your visitors don’t end up in limbo if there are not enough resources.

Second, it downgrades the resources when you don’t need them, therefore, you don’t pay for unused resources.

Now, before jumping to another feature, it’s important to point out that Convesio does not offer the same flexibility to all the resources.

For instance, the databases don’t have the same autoscaling privilege. Here’s a brief insightful comment from Convesio’s CEO, Thomas Fanelli on one of the Facebook pages related to WordPress Hosting.

Thomas Fanelli CEO Convesio on Autoscaling

Having said that, Convesio is also planning to provide auto-scaling features for other resources such as databases, etc. So one can expect even better improvements in the overall performance in the future.

8. Configure Automated Backups

You can configure automated backups on your preferred schedule right from your dashboard which is easy to understand and provides great features.

Here’s a brief video that goes you through Convesio’s backup options.

Using Convesio’s backup options, with just a few clicks you can configure how frequently you want to back up your website such as from every 24 hours to 180 days and for how long you will retain the backups such as from 24 hours to forever.

9. Create a Staging Site from Backups

Staging sites provide you the freedom to apply and test changes before you take them to the production site. This way you can take note of your changes without having to disrupt your main production site. This feature also makes sure that you don’t mess up your main website by introducing any changes or feature that breaks down your entire website.

10. Enterprise-Grade Security

Different levels of security checks are deployed to keep your website safe and sound. Convesio’s security measures are not only applied at the soft level that regularly monitors your WordPress at the application level with frequent security and monitoring but there are also some hard security measures applied such as background checks of Convesio’s own employees, data-center security check, site security, DDOS protection, advanced site security and privacy settings, etc.

11. 24/7 Expert Support

With a special focus on resolving clients’ queries, Convesio provides 24/7 real-time support through a live chat or their dedicated Slack channel.

In addition to the above, Convesio also offers telephone support and has a decent library of guides to help you out with any problematic situation.

In addition to the above support, Convesio also proactively monitors websites every minute interval and deploys an engineer if they notice something wrong.

12. Easy WordPress Management and Site Monitor

Convesion Easy Site Monitor Dasboard

Keep an eye on the website’s vital performance, security and other basic metrics from the easy-to-use Convesio dashboard. Using this dashboard you can quickly identify any problem and pain points that your site might be experiencing.

13. Custom-Built Fast Caching

Using a semi-proprietary caching implementation, Convesio features 3 distinct layers of caching.

Layer 1 (L1) — of the caching resides at the load balancer layer.

Layer 2 (L2) — uses NGINX micro caching.

Layer 3 (L3) — runs inside each container with the PHP runtime of the site and utilizes Varnish.

Just to give a briefer that how these different layers work together, L1 decides what will be stored on L2 and L3, based on the number of requests an asset received and the number of times it has been modified, during those requests. This implementation enables intelligent caching that is aware of content changes at the container level and distributes load to optimize performance.

14. Clusters and Servers Distributed in 3 Different Continents

Currently, Convesio has placed its servers and clusters strategically in three (3) different continents which are North America, Europe and Australia. They have plans to increase the number of servers and add more locations as well in the mix such as South Africa and South Africa.

Although they haven’t mentioned this specifically but I’m sure that they will include Asia. The benefits

15. Other Regular WordPress Hosting Features

In addition to the above-specialized features, Convesio also offers some regular features offered by other WordPress Hosting companies as well such as:

  1. SFTP Access
  2. phpMyAdmin Access
  3. Ability to configure and set PHP version and edit PHP configuration file
  4. HTTP/2 Support
  5. Google Cloud Infrastructure
  6. Free Daily Backups
  7. Two-Factor Authentication
  8. Git-style Version Backups
  9. Multiple MySQL databases for single WordPress websites to ensure high availability

How Convesio (Container) Hosting is Different from Shared or VPS Hosting?

Wondering why choose Convesio? Why not try out the traditional shared or the more efficient, VPS hosting?

I mean sure, Convesio deploys the power of Docker containers but what does it actually mean? Why can’t we get the same performance from other modes of web hosting?

Well, there are a few basic differences between these kinds of web hosting.

Convesio Vs Shared Vs VPS Hosting

Convesio Docker vs Shared Hosting vs VPS Cloud Hosting

Sure, Traditional Shared Hosting is cheap and economical but you cannot rely on them when it comes to extracting high performance out of them. The term “Shared” itself means that your resources are shared with different websites which are often crammed on a single server.

Not only this takes a toll on your resources and you often get less than what you signed up for, this shared environment, in many cases creates a security threat. Moreover, you don’t get to scale resources during peak times when it comes to shared hosting. So there’s a chance of hitting a bottleneck in case of an unexpected surge in traffic.

Now, one can suggest VPS hosting as an alternative to shared hosting but there are a couple of problems.

First, although both Docker-based hosting and VPS hosting are similar in the sense that both provide dedicated resources to each of their virtual environment (or container in the case of Docker), however, the problem is that Docker runs on the software level which makes it far more efficient than a VPS that runs on the hardware level.

The second disadvantage is that, unlike Docker, VPS can only upgrade when it comes to resources. This means that you will end up paying for extra resources during quieter times.

Third, VPS has a single point of failure (SPOF) where if a part of the system fails, the whole application shuts down. Whereas Convesio WordPress hosting deploys what we call Self-Healing which means that if anything fails, Docker deploys an additional container to bring the site back up almost instantly.

Pros and Cons of Convesio

Once we have covered all the features of Convesio and how can you benefit from them, let’s have a look at some of the ups and downs of this WordPress Hosting.

  • Extremely fast WordPress Hosting

  • Easily install and add other features such as adding a domain, installing SSL certificates within a few minutes and clicks

  • Free SSL certificates for all the websites

  • Docker containers at the back end ensure the high performance of the website

  • Every site on Convesio has dedicated resources associated with it which means that the resources are not shared and won’t show their backs when you need them most

  • Auto-scaling of the resources ensures that you don’t face a deadlock of resources during peak times and don’t pay for unnecessary resources during the time when things are relatively quiet and calm

  • Provides best server response time than its premium WordPress Hosting competitors such as CloudWays, FlyPress, Kinsta, WP Engine, etc.

  • Easy-to-use monitoring dashboard provides the best view of the resources and other vital metrics

  • 99.99% server uptime history which essentially means that your servers won’t go down more than 4 minutes in a month

  • Quite expensive. Definitely not suitable for total beginners or bloggers with a limited budget

  • Does not support WordPress multisite

  • Does not offer cPanel. Not a real downside but chalk it up to the cult-following, many cPanel fans out there don’t prefer anything else other than cPanel to manage their WordPress websites

Who Should and Should Not Use Convesio?

Since we’ve seen the features, pricing, pros and cons and other relevant details of Convesio I’m sure will give you a good idea if Convesio really suits your needs. However, to make it a lot simple for you, I’ll clearly spell out who should give Convesio a try and who should try its alternatives.

Convesio is Best For…

  1. Large-scale and resource-intensive WordPress websites
  2. For those who prefer speed and server response time over cost
  3. Mission-critical WordPress websites that cannot afford downtime such as news-related or e-Commerce (WooCommerce) websites
  4. Websites that have a major chunk of their traffic coming from North America, Europe and Australia
  5. Startups that rely heavily on their websites

Who Should Try Convesio Alternatives Instead?

That’s easy. Since the only major downside of Convesio is its price, therefore, those WordPress bloggers or website owners who don’t have deep pockets or run a small website should try out Convesio alternatives as hosting on Convesio would simply be overkill for them.

Convesio User Reviews

Being a new player in the field, it was relatively difficult to find reviews, especially negative reviews from all around the web. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find any. Seems like we need to give it some more time.

Meanwhile, here are some user reviews and ratings from a couple of different popular review websites. I hope it will give better insights about Convesio WordPress Hosting.

Let’s start with TrustPilot first.


Convesio TrustPilot Reviews

Here are some user comments and feedback from the website.

Convesio TrustPilot User Reviews 1

G2 Awards and Reviews

Another software and web hosting review website, G2 rates Convesio quite favorably. Again, so far, there are no negative user reviews on the website and G2 itself has bestowed a bunch of awards to Convesio.

Convesio G2 Award Winning WordPress Hosting
Convesio G2 User Reviews 1
Convesio positive user review 2
Convesio - Positive User Review

How Other Web Hosting Review Websites Rate Convesio?

Many web hosting rating websites are still getting hang of Convesio and that’s why it was difficult to find their reviews so I’m mentioning those reviews which I could get my hands on.

Let’s hope this changes in the future. I will keep updating this chart though.

Website NameScore
WebsiteRating.com N/A
HostAdvice.com N/A
ToolTester.com N/A
PCMag.com N/A
TrustPilot.com 4.4 / 5.0
HostingManual.net N/A
TechRadar.com N/A
Digital.com N/A
G2.com5.0 / 5.0
WebsitePlanet.com N/A
Average Rating4.7 / 5.0

Convesio – Sentiment Analysis

So far, there are no negative emotions lingering around Convesio. However, one can claim that this web hosting is relatively still in its infancy, therefore, it needs some more time for the disgruntled users to start sharing their views online. Nevertheless, so far, Convesio seems to be on the right track.


So What’s the Verdict? Do I recommend Convesio?

That’s an easy one. Convesio, in a very little time, has made a good name for itself. Granted that many still have to learn about it but I’m sure that soon Convesio will become quite popular.

As far as recommending Convesio to others is concerned, provided that you don’t have issues with budget and you’re a speed addict not able to withstand pages that load at snail speed then you must definitely try out Convesio.

What are the Best Convesio Alternatives?

Here are some of the alternatives that are both similar to Convesio as well as provide economical WordPress hosting solutions. Of course, their service is not as pristine as Convesio.

Alternatives Just Like Convesio?

These are some of the Convesio alternatives that offer premium-level Managed WordPress hosting to clients.

  1. Kinsta
  2. CloudWays (Read our CloudWays Review)
  3. WPX Hosting
  4. Pressidium
  5. FlyWheel
  6. WP Engine (Read our WP Engine Review)
  7. Media Temple
  8. Liquid Web

Cheaper Convesio Alternatives

Looking for cheaper and much economical solutions? Well here are a bunch of web hosting companies that provide WordPress hosting services but at a much lower cost. Understandably, their services are not as top-notch as the premium Convesio alternatives we’ve seen above.

  1. A2 Hosting (Read our detailed A2 Hosting Review)
  2. InterServer (Read our Complete InterServer Review)
  3. Scala Hosting (Read our Scala Hosting Review)
  4. DreamHost (Read our DreamHost Review)
  5. InMotion Hosting (Read our InMotion Hosting Review)
  6. Blue Host (Read our BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review)
  7. iPage (Read our iPage WordPress Hosting Review)
  8. GoDaddy
  9. HostGator

Final Thoughts

Time to wrap up this Convesio review. Now, is Convesio the best-managed WordPress hosting out there? Well, that depends on many factors but one thing’s for sure. Since Convesio was built from the ground up with the view of high performance in mind, they surely have some remarkable infrastructure to provide top-class WordPress hosting services.

The best thing is that they offer a 30-day trial that provides a great opportunity to put Convesio’s claims to test and see if they are worth their salt.