All about FreshBooks Invoices

FreshBooks Invoice feature is a great tool to send and keep track of your business receivables.

With the help of FreshBooks invoices, you can create, send and track what your customers owe to you. Moreover, with easy-to-use navigation, you can send periodic reminders as well as receive online payments against your invoices.

In this very brief post, we’re sharing 4 helpful videos to guide you through the whole FreshBooks Invoice feature that this cloud-based accounting software has to offer.

We hope that you’re going to find these videos quite engaging and helpful. However, before devouring the sweet nectar, here’s a small disclaimer that we think you will find quite revealing.


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What is an invoice?

FreshBooks - Best Invoicing App

FreshBooks invoice feature allows you to create and send invoice on the go. The simple and intuitive interface allows even a novice user to manage his day-to-day invoicing without any trouble and that's why FreshBooks boasts to be one of the best invoicing apps in the town.

How to create an invoice in FreshBooks?

Learn how to get paid for your services by creating an invoice in FreshBooks which allows you to download invoice in different formats such as: MS Excel, MS Word, Pdf and Google Sheets.

How to send an invoice in FreshBooks?

FreshBooks allows you more than one ways to send your invoices to the clients. If you ask us, we prefer the online method the most. It's even better and faster than sending your invoices through emails. Check out how you can send invoices in FreshBooks to your clients.

New FreshBooks Invoice

Create stunning and professional looking invoices using the drag-and-drop feature. With FreshBooks, you can set due dates, add the right client and include various helpful details in your invoices to stay on the top of your business needs.

Final Word

FreshBooks invoice is a great feature to help you stay ahead of your business requirements by simplifying the arduous process of managing and tracking your invoices. It's simple-to-use yet intuitive interface allows to breeze through this accounting software effortlessly. 

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