Linkedin Announces New Features for its Users

The popular social media website for professionals, Linkedin Announces New Features for its users

To keep up with the race with other social media platforms, Linkedin has decided to add some versatility by adding new featured long awaited by its users.

I received this email today from the website which says something like this:

We’ve noticed that you’ve been posting some great stuff on LinkedIn lately and wanted to keep you in the loop on improvements we’ve been making. We’ve recently launched some big new features, including Multi-photo posts, Native Video, Logged-out Views of all posts, Share a Draft, and Disable Comments. Here are all the details:

The email jots down all the features which have recently been made part of this social media platform. LinkedIn has become immensely popular across the corporate world. Consequently, a corporate headshot is often the best course of action when selecting the right profile picture.

1. Upload multiple photos in a single post

Now you can add multiple images in your Linkedin post. A feature which I have no idea why wasn’t there in the first place. However, it’s good that they have added it now.

Linkedin - New Feautre - Post Multiple Photos on Single Photos

2. Post native video directly to LinkedIn

Technologists have already forecasted that the future is “video”. Inability to record a video does not really go hand in hand with the claim of being a “Social Media Platform”.

Well, now you can record and post native videos through the Linkedin app. However, this feature has been rolled out to few and selected group of members for now. Linkedin hasn’t shared any further details of about these groups that who actually they are but they’ve mentioned that the regular users will soon see this feature in their Linkedin accounts.

Linkedin New Feature - Post Native Videos

3. Share your content off of LinkedIn

One important limitation of Linkedin was that the “outsiders” were not able to view its content. However, this restriction has been lift off now.

In fact, not only you don’t need to login to view Linkedin’s content but you can also share it on other social media websites as well.

Just grab the URL via a link share tool and be able to share on Facebook, Twitter and all around the web.

The below image will give you a better idea of how your post will look like to the users not logged in.

Linkedin New Features - Share Content Off Linkedin

4. Share a draft of your article before you publish

Want someone else to have a look at your content before you publish?

From the Edit Menu click on “Share Draft” to get the link. Share this link with whoever you want before officially publishing it.

5. More Control on Your Comments

You can now manage comments on your posts or articles by enabling or disabling them. I’ve seen couple of other websites rolling out this feature. Such as Quora.

So now, you can do this on Linkedin as well.

Linkedin New Features - Manage Comments

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