How to pick the right WordPress hosting service?

WordPress was first put on the map as a blogging platform. It was soon transformed into an easy-to-use tool for site creation. But having WP is not the first step to take to go online. You need a professional WordPress hosting provider to make sure your website is up and running.

By installing a WP plugin, you can design, modify, publish, maintain, and delete information found on your site. It has a knack for displaying everything as a unit with the boot function. Before you can use it, though, be sure to choose a reliable WP hosting service. To this end, pay attention to:

  • Server uptime: your site should be available for users at any time
  • Speed: it should load fast not to make them wait
  • Customer service: you should be assisted on WP-related questions to your best advantage
  • Hosting plans: the right one is the key to maintain your website without overpaying

How to build a website with a WordPress hosting package?

Today, you don’t need to be a computer geek to create a website from scratch. Go through this user-friendly guide to dig into some details on setting it up with a WordPress hosting plan:

  • Decide on a domain name. Reserve it with the help of a trustworthy registrar. Don’t use overcomplicated words in your domain name and make it easy-to-remember.
  • Install WP. Enter your website’s name in the special box using your hosting provider’s dashboard and create a password. Then, you’ll receive the “Installation Complete” message. Click it to get this step done.
  • Select your theme. You can make avail of a plethora of free and paid WP themes to shape your page and attract users.
  • Add content to your website. With WordPress, you can create all types of pages and customize them to your website’s voice. Edit, update and make them visible.
  • Tweak your page. Change taglines, add titles, set up comments, and create a navigation menu. Customize your site and wait for your visitors to come.
  • Install plugins. These provide your newly created site with contact forms, security tools, SEO must-haves, and other essential features.

Get value for your money with affordable website hosting for WordPress

There are two providers that are standard-bearers when it comes to going online. They offer the blend of the best prices for WordPress hosting, dazzling server performance, and other perks.

With WP Engine, you can deploy your site in an instant and publish posts straight away. This is all about less page downtime, which helps prevent the loss of leads. Daily backups are also a significant advantage, and you can review changes without affecting a live website version. With up to 500GB in bandwidth and 1TB in local storage, you can get things rolling and feel like an online king.

By purchasing WordPress hosting services from Bluehost, your benefits are huge, too. They imply free SSL certificates, easier WP installation, 24/7 support, and unlimited access to Bluehost’s premium themes. Plus, you can take advantage of its money-back policy and affiliate programs.

Now, you can tailor your website, flesh out your content, and link it to your social media hands down!

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