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Challenges for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) are no secret at all. From the lack of fundings to the scarcity of skilled resources and inadequacy of the infrastructure. The hardships await with their mouths wide open at each and every stage. Longing to devour anyone with feeble resolve. Only the fittest survive this death game.

SMBs and self-employed makeup quite a significant portion of the US economy, i.e. around 50 million and yet, still a lot is to be done to address their everyday needs ranging from day-to-day operations to retirement planning and insurance.


Keeping this need in view, the famous cloud accounting company, FreshBooks has joined hands with FidelityLabs to launch Reshape the World Challenge.


What is Reshape the World Challenge and Who can Participate in it?

Our friends at FreshBooks just kicked-off the Reshape the World Challenge, sponsored by FidelityLabs. If you happen to own a business which aims to make the lives of the self-employed and SMBs easier by any means then you’re all set to participate in this challenge.

There are few restrictions though.

  1. Candidates should be offering their services/products in the US.
  2. Privately-held or, if incorporated, incorporated for more than five years
  3. Outsourcing or Consulting firms are NOT eligible to be a part of this challenge
  4. Your product/software must already exist in the market


What are the Perks of Winning the Challenge?

Accomplishing every challenge has some benefits and Reshape the World Challenge is also not an exception. This challenge offers successful candidates the following rewards:

  1. 3 cash prizes of $10,000 each
  2. Free exposure and promotion of your business so the word gets out there.
  3. An exclusive and fully-paid trip to Google for Entrepreneurs Hub, Raleigh-Durham, NC to show-off your product and meet industry experts
  4. Mentorship opportunities – 3 virtual workshops on topics chosen by you (branding, customer acquisition, user experience and more)


What are the Judges Looking for?

If you meet the above criteria then below are the features that the judges will be looking for in order to decide if your product really hits the nail:

  1. Are you focused on serving the self-employed market?
  2. Are you helping freelancers focus on their work by relieving them of the tardy administrative burdens?
  3. Is your product unique and solves the unaddressed needs in a unique way?
  4. Do your customers love your product or service? Of course, you need to justify that you already have a significant customer base and/or potential to grow.


How can you join this Challenge?

If you’re excited and pumped-up already and really think that your product fits the description and can actually make the difference, then you can submit your entries by following the link below:

Submit Your Entries



Last Date of Submitting Entries

You can submit your entries until May 25th, 2018. Winners will be announced on June 8th, 2018.