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6 Free WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

If you remember, last time I discussed about making your WordPress site GDPR compliant. In that article, I, very briefly, also mentioned about the WordPress plugins which help you in complying with the GDPR’s requirements.

Well, in this article, I’ll dwell into a bit more detail and will list the best WordPress plugins that will surely help you in making your life easier in making your WordPress blog GDPR compliant.

Of all the WordPress plugins available out there, some of these plugins provide all-in-one features and cover multiple “ends” of GDPR compliance such as the privacy policy, comment opt-in forms, cookie consent, etc., however, at the same time, some plugins are quite specific and address only one or two facets GDPR compliance such as only allowing you to generate cookie consent notifications etc.

In this article, we will stick to those plugins which offer a wider range of compliance and address multiple requirements so that you don’t have to install more than one plugins.

Note: Though at the time of writing this article, the plugins mentioned below are free of charge but owing to the capricious nature of the internet, it’s quite possible that the plugins in the list below may have started charging something. So I’d recommend to check out the pricing policy of these plugins by following the respective links.

Now, without any further ado, let’s start our list

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6 Best WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

1. GDPR Free WordPress Plugin by Trew Knowledge

GDPR Free WordPress Plugin by Trew Knowledge

The Usual Stuff is currently using this plugin. This plugin is actually geared for the Data Protection Officers (DPO) so proves to be the best when it comes to handling a large amount of data.

Using it is absolutely free without any strings attached. Simply installing this plugin allows you to handle and display cookie notifications, privacy policy disclaimer, allowing a user to request or delete their data, setting up breach notification, identifying the information being sent to the third parties etc.

2. The WordPress GDPR Framework by Data443

The WordPress GDPR Framework by Data443

In addition to complying with the law, this plugins also helps in understanding it. The developers behind this plugin have specialized knowledge regarding the GDPR and have published detailed projects which explain this law in much more detail. Such as the WordPress site owner’s guide to GDPR.

Coming back to this plugin, The WordPress GDPR Framework allows the users to request their information easily. Even those who do not have an account on the site. Furthermore, it also helps you generate GDPR compliant privacy policy, cookie consent, track, manage and withdraw consent and best of all, provides you an easy setup wizard to get started easily.

3. WP GDPR Compliance by Van Ons

WP GDPR Compliance by Van Ons

The plugin allows full access to the users on their information. Moreover, it keeps logs of all the consents that the WordPress site receives from the visitors even when it is received from the supported plugins.

The plugin is also compatible with the latest versions of Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and WordPress Comments. This means that you can add consent opt-ins to these forms not only from the settings tab but also from right within the plugin.


4. WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) by ShapePress eU

WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) by ShapePress eU

Relatively newer in business, this plugin has been developed in cooperation with the lawyers and legal experts. In addition to the normal cookie-cutter features shared by the plugins mentioned above the extra features that this plugin provides are Google Analytics and FB-Pixel compliant setup, integration with contact form 7 etc.

WP DSGVO Tools is absolutely free to install and also provides free updates on a regular basis.

5. WP GDPR by AppSaloon

WP GDPR by AppSaloon

A light-weight plugin with not so extensive features as its competitors above, but still, you can travel a great distance using it. Though the plugin’s core selling point is the provision and management of users’ information request access but also provides the feature of editing your privacy policy content.

WP GDPR also integrates with other plugins and platforms like Gravity Forms, Contact Form DB 7, WooCommerce, Flamingo, Condolence Manager, Events Manager etc.

6. WordPress GDPR 2019 by Ninja Team

WordPress GDPR 2019 by Ninja Team

Probably the youngest of all the Free GDPR plugins above (as suggested by the name as well), this easy-to-use WordPress plugin provides you with a simple solution to your GDPR compliance.

Some of the features that this plugin provides are Cookie Consent, Terms and Conditions Consent, Privacy Policy Consent, Forget me form to delete user information, data rectification so that the users can request to rectify their data, data breach notification, etc.

Final Word

The above is the list of FREE WordPress plugins that assist in achievingGDPR compliance. You don’t need to pay anything to install them on your WordPress website.

The list could have been even longer had I included the premium plugins and even those plugins which address only one facet of the compliance. Such as the plugins with only comment consent feature etc. So I’ve refined the list to get rid of the clutter and provide you with a free-of-cost and “one-window” solution.

However, before concluding this article, let me reiterate this caution one more time. I believe that this has become more of a cliche but since the disclosure is important, I don’t mind mentioning it an extra time.

Merely installing a plugin won’t absolve you from your responsibility of being vigilant and professional when it comes to handling the user information. So while you install the plugins to make the compliance easier, you also need to make sure to cover any “leakage” that might put you under the violation of the GDPR that these plugins do not encompass.

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