Silverclix Review – Is Silverclix Scam or Legit?

Yet again, to add another website in our ongoing series of best, trusted and legit PTC sites, I have another PTC website which we’re going to figure out if it’s a scam or legit. Even if legit then how much can you expect to make per click? What ways does this website offer other than paying to view ads? So keep reading below if you want an honest Silverclix review as I’ve given it a try and therefore, mention my findings in the following article.

Silverclix Review

What is Silverclix?

Silverclix is yet another (among the many) PTC website which asserts to pay its users for completing different tasks. The most prominent of them is, of course, clicking ads hence Silverclix can be considered as a PTC website, however, there are quite a few other ways on this website as well for you to make money. Just as some people decide to invest in a form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, whilst storing their money in Krypto Wallets (a type of virtual wallet) to make themselves some extra money, other people are now turning to PTC websites like Silverclix to add extra funds to their account. As a result, we’ll discuss this in detail in the “How to make money from Silverclix” section below.

History of Silverclix

Just a simple domain lookup of Silverclix reveals that the website domain was registered in June 2013. This means the site has been up and paying for the last four and a half years.

For PTC websites this means a lot especially when hundreds of PTC websites emerge and succumb every year.

According to the website itself, it has paid around $278,531.00 to its 182,169 members over the course of 4.5 years. That’s paying out $61,895 per year or $5,518.00 per month or $172 a day.

This also means that the website is able to acquire 40,482 new members per year which translates to 3,374 new members per month and 112 members per day.

For a PTC website, this is really a good performance.

Click Here to Create an Account on Silverclix

Silverclix Membership Levels

By default, you start as a free or “Stone” member. However, there are multiple levels of memberships that a user can upgrade to. While the Stone membership has lifetime validity, other membership levels have limited time validity ranging from monthly (30 days), quarterly (90 days), half-yearly (180 days) to a full year (365 days).

Of course, different membership levels have different perks and associated costs such as the membership fee, more earnings from referrals’ clicks etc.

So instead of mentioning each and every cost and benefit of all the membership levels, here is an image discussing all the perks of upgrading to a higher level membership in Silverclix.

Silverclix Membership levels

How can you make money on Silverclix?

There are multiple ways to make money on Silverclix. These are:

#1. Get Paid to View Ads

Of course, this is the primary money-making way on Silverclix. All you have to do is to click an ad (one at a time), watch it for few seconds and once done, images will appear at the top of the screen. You’re supposed to click the one which is upside down. This is to make sure that you’re not a robot. If the right image is clicked, a certain amount will be deposited in your main balance. That’s it.

How much you get paid to view an ad depends on the length of that ad. For starters, it ranges anywhere from $0.004 to $0.0002.

For premium members, this may reach even $0.05 for some ads.

#2. Clixgrid

This is a variant of “Pay-Per-Click” above. However, the catch is that the income is not guaranteed. How it actually works is that you’re presented with 20×28 grid where each grid takes you to an ad. You’re supposed to view this ad for 7 seconds and after that, it’s revealed if you earned anything or all your efforts were for naught.

Since the risk involved is high the rewards also match the underlying risks. You can earn up to $2. However, being a free member you can only try out 25 times. So the chances of winning anything from Clixgrid is 25/560 = 4.5%

#3. PTSU Offers

PTSU stands for Paid to Sign Up. These are offers which require you to sign up on some websites and in return, you get paid.

The offers pay more than the ads but the downside is that you will start receiving spams from the websites where you sign up. So if you have a dedicated email address meant for these purposes then you may go ahead and give these offers a try.

#4. Filling out Surveys

As the name suggests, you earn commissions on filling out surveys. Though the compensation per survey is way better than the two money-making opportunities I discussed above but the downside is that the frequency of the surveys depends heavily on your geographical location.

Similarly, the compensation per survey also varies a lot. I’ve seen some surveys paying even $5 as well.

#5. Get Paid to Complete Tasks

To a great extent this is a combination of PTSU, Ads viewing and surveys but still you may find some other nature of task as well. Such as organizing data etc.

#6. Flip a Coin

Before stating what it actually is I’d strongly recommend staying away from it.


It’s a straight up gambling. Period.

What you have to do is to place a bet using funds from your main account on a virtual coin-toss and predict if it’s going to land heads or tails. You win according to the amount you place on the bet.

There’s no doubt that it’s a pure form of gambling and therefore, STAY AWAY FROM IT.

#7. Referral Commissions

You get paid for the clicks of your Direct or Rented referrals. Direct referrals are those which you acquired using your affiliate link while the rented referrals are bought from the Silverclix for a limited time period.

Depending on your membership level, you earn different amount of commissions on your referrals’ clicks ranging from $0.0014 to $0.012 per click.

One point to keep in mind though is that you need to click at least 4 pay per click ads in order to receive commissions from your referrals’ clicks. You cannot just focus on building your downline. You need to login Silverclix and watch the ads daily to receive referrals’ commission.

#8. Referral Contests

You can earn up to $0.25 per referral that you bring to Silverclix by simply referring them to Silverclix using your affiliate link.

The catch is that only the top 10 contestants can claim the prize money. So if you think that you rock in online marketing skills, you can benefit from referral contest as well.

#9. PTSU Contests

You can also make money on Silverclix by completing maximum sign up offers. The benefit of completing maximum PTSU offers is that you won’t lose anything anyway. You will get rewarded for completing PTSU offers. Winning a competition is a side benefit that will add up to your bank. The winning amount is different. For e.g. one member (at the time of this writing) earned $10 for being at the top of PTSU contest. This is in addition to whatever he earned while actually completing the PTSU offers.

So overall, these are the ways you can make money on Silverclix. I hope I’ve mentioned them comprehensively.

How Much Money Can You Make From SilverClix?

Well, there’s no limit to how much you can earn from this website. Even if you exhaust all your ads daily, you can earn from completing tasks and surveys as well. So truly speaking, it’s hard to put a number on it.

However, let’s assume that you’re able to build your downline of 150 referrals who happen to be quite active on Silverclix. They log in and click their ads daily (let’s assume 4 ads per day). So how much your earnings are going to be provided 100% efficiency of your downline? We can definitely calculate that.

Assuming you click 4 ads worth $0.004 daily. So your daily earnings would be:

Your Clicks ($0.004 x 4): $0.016

Referral Commission ($0.0014 x 4 x 150): $0.84

Total Earnings: $0.856

So this is how much you can earn from Silverclix, but mind you, this is not the limit. We have not factored in the commissions from tasks and surveys or even more clicks from your referrals. So you can definitely earn more than that.

Silverclix Cashout Options and Requirements

The minimum amount you’re supposed to earn before you cashout is $3. However, the first time payout for all members (free or paid) is $2. What this means (if it sounds confusing) is that you can request a minimum of $2 as a payout but in order to do that you need to first earn $3. But that’s for the first time only.

Additionally, free members have stepped cashouts 2-3-4-5. This means that if you’re a free member, you may request minimum $2 for the first time. However, it will keep increasing with every payout like this: 2-3-4-5. I hope that makes sense.

The payments are made via Payza, Payeer, PerfectMoney and in the form of bitcoins.

The website does not say anything about Paypal as the payment option but I’ve seen their advertising banners where they also mention Paypal as one of the options along with others. However, I will not place all my bets on this claim as I’ve seen the majority of the payouts through Payeer or Bitcoins only and none of them through Paypal.

Once we’ve discussed all the necessary details about Silverclix, let’s talk about the pros and cons of joining this website.

Pros and Cons of Silverclix


  1. Relatively higher compensation per ad. Currently, my earnings on average are $0.0014 per ad. That’s slightly higher than what other legit PTC websites pay.
  2. 20-25 ads per day. The number may vary depending on your geographical location. However, I believe it’s likely to be more than less.
  3. Multiple payout options.
  4. Active forum.
  5. Multitasking allowed (not for high paying standard ads though).
  6. 4.5 years of uptime and credible history.


  1. You cannot multitask while watching standard (high paying) ads.
  2. Limited numbers of direct referrals for Stone members. Though the total number of DR that you can invite is 150 which is quite high but still, it’s limited.
  3. Quite often, when you click standard ads, the screen redirects to third-party NON-PAYING ads. You don’t get paid for watching these ads and all you can do is quickly close them and click the same ad again on the previous screen. There’s no way to avoid it. I’m not sure if this happens only to the free members.
  4. Need a daily “login and click” activity to receive referrals’ clicks commission.

What’s the Verdict? Is Silverclix Scam or Legit?

Now, when we’ve discussed every important detail of this PTC website, it’s time to pass our verdict which is going to be quite obvious. Right?

Definitely, Silverclix is a legit website which pays its members and has been doing so for almost 5 years.

Final Word

So that’s my Silverclix review. I hope I’ve been quite succinct and at the same time, comprehensive as well. In case you’re content with my review as well as Silverclix, I’d end this review with a humble request for joining this website using my affiliate link below.

Create Free Account on Silverclix.

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