Score Hero – Android Football Game – Review

If you are looking for football games for android then this review is for you. This is my first review of any game here on The Usual Stuff and I decided to base it on the world’s most popular sport; Football or Soccer as known in some other countries. The name of the game is Score Hero and it is an Android (and iOS) based game.

About Score Hero’s Developer

The creator of this android football game is First Touch Games Ltd. It’s a UK based gaming studio which specializes in football games. Besides Score Hero, they have developed many other football games for android as well as other platforms. 


Score Hero – Release Date

The game was first released back in August  2015. I don’t know why I downloaded it so late. Any ways, Due to its immersive and addictive nature, I’m glad that I downloaded it.

Gameplay and Graphics

Just like majority of other soccer games, the graphics of this android football game are based on 3D (aerial third person view). Since it is a serious football game, it does not have “cartoonish” graphics. First touch games have kept the graphics to give a serious and realistic look to the game.

The gameplay is fairly straight and simple. You have to complete different sets of challenges by drawing an arc (or line) on your screen (of course by sliding your finger on the screen) either to pass the ball or shoot it in the nets. The ball follows that trail. 

Score Hero - slide screen - Football game for android - review

Game Story

The game starts with you picking a player. This player is a rookie or an incumbent and you have to guide him through his career to make him a superstar.

Pretty much a cliche. Right?  

Well, unlike other computer or mobile football games, you don’t have any metric to gauge how much your player has grown after each match because Score Hero does not maintain such record – And this is the small downside of this game.

However, I think we need to cut a slack for this game as given the limited resources of the devices, any game can store so much data. Score Hero is no different than any other mobile games.

Yes, if you are connected to the internet then there are “accomplishments” which show up every time you achieve them.

After each challenge, you will see a news about your star published in a magazine in the game and that’s pretty much it. There’s no other way to see the progress of your star.

All of the game is based on “screen swipe” where you have pre-determined scenarios known as challenges that you have to accomplish one after another.

Since the scenarios are already decided in advance, you cannot affect the outcome of the game that much. All you have to do is complete those challenges and that’s it.

There’s one more limitation. And that’s you cannot sway a lot when it comes to passing or shooting. In fact, you don’t get to decide where to run and when to pass. The player passes when it feels it is stuck and cannot take the ball anywhere else.
The game starts with any of your player having the ball. All you have to do is to goal with series of passes. The game pauses before every pass or shoot and shows a small region where you can kick and hurl the ball. You cannot pass outside that region. All you have to do is maneuver the ball using that limited area and pass the ball to other players.
So effectively speaking, this game is broken down into small chunks and proceeds with passes, the only thing which you can control.

There’s no dribbling, tackling or even defending. All you have to do is attack and score a goal.

Game Physics and AI

Above description may sound a bit boring but believe me it’s not. Even with that limited options, Score Hero will manage to grab your full attention.

And that’s because of it’s physics.

You can swing the ball, by of course, drawing a curved line. Similarly, you can pass or shoot using headers, volleys etc.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of that little freedom you get in the form of that small region presented in front of you to pass. Staying well within that limit you can plan your moves to score a goal. So it does not have to be that restrictive. In fact, this feature is what makes this game immersive as well as challenging at the same time.

The players (managed by the computer’s own AI) are pretty smart and you will hardly feel that they lagged and missed any opportunity by not responding to your pass. Same goes with your opponent. Any slight mistake, and they will snatch the ball only to restart that challenge again.

The game stops and restarts as soon as the ball goes to the opponent (or goes foul). However, you can reverse or undo a wrong move but that costs (game) money.

Career Mode

You start the game by picking a player referred to as a “Hero” in the game. Additionally, you also choose club, T-shirt etc. for your hero.

The club is not permanent though. You can very well take advantage of the transfer window after every level. Although, the choices of the clubs is not so wide. Initially, you will have to put up with rather small and unknown clubs.

As far as the “hero’s” skills are concerned, there is no such thing as that. The skills remain the same. So the only progress you can observe is the level of difficulty of challenges that you have to clear to proceed further.

Tasks Within Challenges

The challenges in Score Hero go like this.

  • Every level has different challenges.
  • Each challenge has at least 3 different tasks.
  • Each task represents one accomplishment represented as a “star”.
  • To complete each challenge, you have to achieve at least one star and to complete each level, you have to achieve pre-determined numbers of stars (different for each level).

These tasks could be:

  • Score with your hero
  • Assist with your hero
  • Score with a header
  • Score at top left corner
  • Etc.

So the more you complete these tasks, the more stars you will gather to unlock next level.

How long can you play this Football Game for Android in a single sitting?

The top left corner shows 5 hearts. This is your health or turns. Each heart takes 4 failures to snuff (grey) out. Which means that in a single sitting, you can fail 20 times before you stop and wait for those hearts to fill up and become “red” again.

Each heart takes 15 minutes to replenish.

However, as you proceed in the game, you win some cash (not physical though) which you can use to instantly rejuvenate or fill up your health.

Additionally, you can also go ahead and buy some “cash” against real money to use it in the game.

Real Time Commentary

Although the game does not have rich commentary but still whatever the commentary is, it triggers in timely manner and according to the situation.


In-App Purchase

As mentioned above, you can buy some extra game cash in Score Hero to quickly replenish your health.

Additionally, you can use this money to modify your player as well. Add a beard or other features to make them look alike your favorite footballer.


System Requirement

This football game requires almost 100mb (99.66 MB) of space on your android devices and works on any android  version.

Final Word

Thanks for going through this review. As a token of gratitude, here’s the video of level challenges 1 to 15.
I hope you enjoy it.

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