Razer Smartphone for Gamers – Specs, Price, Release Date

Speculated as the best phone for gamers, Razer, a brand well known for its products exclusive for gaming niche, has announced new smartphone to add up in its gaming arsenal.

The word on the street was that the desktop, laptop and peripheral manufacturer is also planning to step into the smartphone niche. The rumors were further cemented when Tom Moss, the GM of Razer, posted a picture of Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer where the device appeared to be sticking out of his jeans pocket.

Razer CEO - Tim Lian With Razer Smartphone in Jeans Pocket
Razer’s CEO – Tim Lian – Spot something in his right pocket?

Well, all these rumors turned out to be true on Wednesday, when the company, Razer announced its new smartphone to cater the needs of most avid gamers.

Mobile gaming is usually looked down upon by some dyed-in-the-wool gamers. They’re frowned upon so much that some diehard gamers won’t even use the term, “gamers” for them. In fact, “peasants” is what they normally use for their cellular (and to some extent, consoles as well) counterparts. It’s understandable that some of the most avid gamers aren’t fans of mobile gaming. After all, much of the gaming perks and accessories you’re able to achieve are mostly only accessible on a computer. For instance, the creation of a Minecraft server on GGServers.com is done on a gaming laptop or computer- and then played on the PC.

However, it seems like that this is to be changed in the future. Now fans of games like League of Legends, who often buy unranked smurfs, will have the opportunity to play on their mobiles too, which could see a change in the opinions of mobile gaming.

Razer’s Strategic Move

The new Razer smartphone is part of the careful strategy that the company laid down few years ago. It’s clear, they are not content restricting themselves to just the traditional sources of gaming and want to explore new boundaries and entice new customer group.

As part of the same strategy, The gaming company, back in Jan 2017, acquired smartphone maker, Nextbit. And it seems like that this strategic decision has borne fruit just within 10-11 months.

The new Razer Smartphone for Gamers is what we call a “Synergy” as a result of fusing the expertise of these two companies. Razer and Nextbit.

The recent announcement of the new Razer Smartphone for gamers was made in London.

So what’s so different and the buzz around this new Razer Smartphone?

Here are the details:

Razer Smartphone – Technical Specifications

World’s First 120Hz Ultramotion Screen Display.

That’s right. This is the first ever smartphone which boasts 120Hz Ultramotion screen display. Hence no lag or stuttering. Even better, the Quad HD (QHD) offers wide color gamut to give sharp viewing experience.

Dolby Atmos Powered Audio System

Coupled with front firing speakers and dual dedicated amplifiers, Razer promises you true-to-life cinematic audio. To experience best results with one’s headphones, Razer advices THX-certified USB-C audio adapter with a 24-bit digital audio convertor (DAC).

There is no audio jack tough.

Did You Know:

Razer acquired THX, the audio-visual company back in October 2016. It was founded in 1983 by famous American filmmaker, George Lucas.

Super Fast Processor for Amazing Performance

The new Razer smartphone is powered by latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. Qualcomm specializes in manufacturing processors for mobile devices. The Qualcomm processor in the Razer Smartphone provides CPU clock speed up to 1.6Ghz.

If that’s not enough, then there’s more. You get 8Gb RAM with this new gaming smartphone. That’s more than enough for even most intense games that you may get your hands on nowadays.

Just for comparison, Samsung Galaxy 8 comes with 4Gb RAM. That’s half of what Razer is offering.

Moreover, Razer’s offering 64Gb of storage with this phone as well.

If this is not enough, then to ensure high speed, Razer Smartphone is equipped with Razer Game Booster App which manages apps in the background to provide you with super fast gaming experience.

Razer Smartphone Gameplay
Image Source: Razerone

Battery Life

Now, you must be thinking that to support such heavy configurations, you have to keep this phone plugged in every time. Especially when you want to run some heavy duty games?

Well, the Razer team has not been naive on this front as well. The new Razer Smartphone comes with 4,000 mAh battery. This massive power storage expects to give a full day while you enjoy some intense gaming sessions.

Again, we’d like to compare Razer Smartphone with its Samsung counterpart. So Galaxy S8 comes with 3000 mAh battery. That’s just 75% of what Razer is offering.

Granted, they were bit conservative looking at the frequent “batteries going rogue” cases. But still that difference is huge and with that battery, even with energy draining games, Razer smartphone can last full day. While Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ also enables rapid charging.

So one question that many gaming enthusiasts must be wondering about is that are the game developers ready to develop games keeping in view the capacities of the Razer smartphone?

After all, what’s the point of all these heavy configurations if the game developing companies don’t fine tune their games according to the blazing fast specifications. Especially the refresh rate (120Hz).

To respond to this query, Razer has partnered with top gaming companies like Tencent, a Chinese gaming company and Square Enix. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you must know this already that the legendary, Final Fantasy game came out of Square Enix’s studio.

In addition to the above gaming giants, Razer is in negotiations with the following gaming companies to upgrade their below flagship games:

  • “Gear Club” from Eden Games
  • “Lineage 2 Revolution” from Netmarble Games Corporation
  • “Old School RuneScape™” from Jagex Limited
  • “RuneScape™” from Jagex Limited
  • “Shadowgun Legends™” from Madfinger Games
  • “Tekken™” from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
  • “Titanfall™: Assault” from NEXON Co., Ltd. and Particle City, Inc.
  • “World of Tanks Blitz” from Wargaming Group Limited


Enough with the gaming gig. Let’s talk about camera. Is it up to the par as it is boasting about its main gaming features?

Well, the camera is dual rear 12MP. Zooming from wide angle to telephoto is seamless and the dual-tone flash enables you to take natural looking photos.

Operating System (OS):

Android – Nougat 7.1.1. However, Razer plans to upgrade the smartphone to Android Oreo in Spring 2018.

Read review of Android based football game – Score Hero


6.24 in. x 3.06 in. x 0.31 in.



Retail Price

US $699.99

Europe €749.99

UK £699.99


The Razer smartphone is available online for pre-order on Amazon and Razerone.com. Moreover, the Phone will be available in Europe, Canada and US from November 17, 2017.

Razer computers have always been heavy hitters in the PC/laptop gaming market but can they can they deliver in the mobile gaming sector? We think so.

In case you are more into videos, here’s a treat for you…!

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