Ojooo Wad Review – Is Ojooo Wad Scam or Legit?

To add another website in our ongoing series of best, trusted and legit PTC sites, today, I’ll be reviewing another PTC website which goes by the name of Ojooo Wad. Yup, the name does sound funny and there have been words out on the street about the legitimacy of this website. So we’ll figure out how much water do they hold.  Even if the website is legit then how much can you expect to make per click and in how many ways you can make money from this website. So keep reading below. 

Ojooo Wad Review

What is Ojooo Wad?

We’ll start from simple Ojooo. The website started out as a calling app which claimed to save you money on your phone calls as you could place calls to other Ojooo App users. Pretty much like Whatsapp, I guess.

Ever since Ojooo has been diversifying. They’ve invested in e-commerce and even in SEO/web services providing diagnostic services to the websites. PTC is one of their latest ventures and in this article, we’ll keep ourselves confined to the PTC in this article. Just to make sure that you’re on Ojooo’s PTC website, the website is on the subdomain of “wad” so, in order to access the PTC Ojooo, you’ll need to type, wad.ojooo.com.

WAD in “Ojooo Wad” stands for Watching Ads.

History of Ojooo Wad

The website came into existence in November 2013. Operating from Germany/Poland, the owner of this website is Michael Thees.

One point that I want to raise my suspicions about is the total numbers of members that this website claims to have. As of today, it boasts a whopping 21 million users. As far as I know, this should be the PTC website with the most numbers of users. Even more than Neobux which is the most popular and the oldest PTC/GPT website in business.

I highly doubt this number, however, still I’ll take their word for it because I don’t have any proof to the contrary. Quite possibly, they’re showing members from all their platforms but who knows. Only the team Ojooo can tell it better.

Click Here to Create an Account on Ojooo Wad

Ojooo Wad’s Membership Levels

There are 3 membership levels which have their own costs and perks. Standard (Free), Economy ($20/month) and Privilege ($40/month).

The paid memberships sure do sound quite expensive but there are certainly some perks that these memberships enjoy that the free membership doesn’t.

These perks include increased revenue per click, more chances in Ojooo Grid (see below), higher commissions if your direct referral or the 2nd level referral upgrades to either Economy or Privilege status.



How can you make money on Ojooo Wad?

There are multiple ways to make money on Ojooo Wad. These are:


#1. Get Paid to View Ads

This is the primary money-making way on the website. You just have to watch (one at a time) for few seconds (in most cases, 5 seconds for $0.001 ad). Close it once it says that the amount has been credited to your account and that’s it.

How much you get paid to view an ad depends on the length of that ad. For starters, it ranges anywhere from $0.001 to $0.01. Even though I’m a free member but I get one premium ad daily which earns me $0.005 to watch a 30 seconds ad. These premium ads increase when you upgrade your membership.

In fact, the total numbers of ads also increase when you upgrade hence improving your chances to make more money.

One additional feature for mobile users is that there are mobile ads as well which you can view just from your mobile. You won’t earn anything if you watch them on your laptop/desktop.

One downside of Ojooo Ads is that you’re not allowed to multitask while watching ads. So the focus should remain on the ads screen if you want to get the credit of actually watching them.


#2. Ojooo Grid

Ojooo Grid is a 20×20 clickable region with 400 spots. You need to click on one of those grids and watch the ad. Upon completion, you MAYBE rewarded. How much that reward depends on your luck. In fact, you cannot say for sure if you’re going to be rewarded or not. That’s just a matter of luck.

I generally, don’t delve into these “Highly-Luck-Based” money making opportunities so speaking from the experience of others, I’ve seen people earning around $0.1 to $2.00.

You get 10 chances per day as a free member which increases to 30 per day in cased of a privileged member. So as a free member, you odds are 10/400 or 2.5%.

However, since you need to watch the ads for just 5 seconds, one can say that investing (5×10) 50 seconds is not such a big deal.

So just in case, you plan to give it a shot, good luck for that.


#3. Offers

You earn points for completing offers on Ojooo WAD. These offers could be anything from just visiting a website and staying there for few seconds to clicking somewhere according to the instructions. You earn different amount of points per such offer or task. One point is equal to $0.005.

Similarly, some offers may require you to sign up on a website etc.

#4. Filling out Surveys

As the name suggests, you earn commissions on filling out surveys. The downside of surveys is that their frequency depends heavily on your geographical location. So you can expect more surveys if you’re from tier 1 countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

The compensation per survey varies so I cannot write down any particular amount.


#5. Referral Commissions

You get paid for the clicks of your Direct or Rented referrals. Direct referrals are those which you acquired using your affiliate link while the rented referrals are bought from the Ojooo Wad for a limited time period.

When it comes to renting referrals, you can rent even a single referral. As far as I know, there is no other PTC website which allows renting referrals as low as 1 at a time. Additionally, though this can be strictly restricted to my own experience, I’ve observed that the rented referrals of Ojoo Wad tend to click their ads more frequently as compared to any other PTC website. However, as I said, this could be own individual experience.

Depending on your membership level, you earn different amount of commissions on your referrals’ clicks ranging from $0.0005 to $0.001 per click.

One point to keep in mind though is that you need to click at least 4 pay per click ads in order to receive commissions from your referrals’ clicks. You cannot just focus on building your downline. You need to login Ojooo Wad and watch the ads daily to receive referrals’ commission.


#6. Referral Contests

You can earn additional points and redeem them in cash by participating and performing well in the referral contests. The more referrals you sign up and the more ads they watch will earn you points. Of course, in addition to the referral clicks.

When the contest ends, the top winners are awarded cash prizes which vary from contests to contests. But, you can expect winning up to $100. Don’t quote me on that though.  


#7. Promoting Other Ojoo Services

As I said, Ojooo has its heads in many other online ventures as well. You can earn commissions promoting Ojooo’s other services as well. Since this will be out of the scope of this article, I won’t go into much detail about that.

How Much Money Can You Make From Ojooo Wad?

Well, there’s no limit to how much you can earn from this website. Even if you exhaust all your ads daily, you can earn from completing tasks and surveys as well. So truly speaking, it’s hard to put a number on it.

Luckily, Ojooo Wad provides us with the benefits calculators using which you can project your monthly earnings.

I gave it a try and using the MOST MODEST ASSUMPTIONS. I tried to project how much a person with standard membership would earn if he had 10 direct referrals who click fifteen 5 seconds ads and one 30 seconds ad daily.

The result was $5.1. That’s a good amount of money given the humble premise that I assumed. Here’s an image:

Ojooo Wad Benefits Calculator
Ojooo Wad – Benefits Calculator



Ojooo Wad Cashout Options and Requirements

For standard members, the minimum payout is $2. After the first payment, the limit increases to $6 per withdrawal.

In addition to the minimum monetary amount, the user must have made at least 100 clicks. However, that’s not a big deal. If you try to reach $2 by clicking and watching ads then it requires way more than 100 clicks to surpass that limit.

Payouts are paid via Paypal or Payza.


Pros and Cons of Ojooo Wad


  1. Relatively higher compensation per ad. Currently, my earnings on average are $0.0014 per ad. That’s slightly higher than what other legit PTC websites pay.
  2. 20-25 ads per day. The number may vary depending on your geographical location. However, I believe it’s likely to be more than less.
  3. Just 5 seconds for $0.001 ads. This means that if you’re watching 20 ads per day, you can get done with all of them within 3 minutes (considering time spent on other side activities such as login etc.)
  4. Multiple ways to make money.
  5. Multiple payout options.
  6. Active forum.
  7. No limit on direct referrals.
  8. Ads for mobile users.



  1. You cannot multitask while watching an ad.
  2. Limited numbers of rented referrals for free members.
  3. Need a daily “login and click” activity to receive referrals’ clicks commission.
  4. No Contact Us page. You cannot directly contact the website administrator which I find to be very odd. Sure they do have a forum but the forum does not succinct the need of having the ability to contact the website’s admin directly.

What’s the Verdict? Is Ojooo Wad Scam or Legit?

This section is going to be comparatively longer than the “Verdict” section of other PTC websites on this blog.

The reason is that there are some negative remarks about this website lurking over the web. I did my research and found that people were dissing the website because of the delayed payments.

Mind you, they’re not saying that Ojooo Wad does not pay altogether. They’re just saying that it takes too long to receive their payments. Even if the amount is too low.

I’ve seen members complaining that they had to wait as long as 6 months. Does not matter the amount of payment, this sure is a significant amount of time.

Many members claimed that it’s not the first payment for which they have to wait so long. It’s the subsequent payments which Ojooo Wad delays.

So with a skeptical mind, I tried to dig in even deeper. I researched Ojooo Wad’s forum and saw tons of payment proofs. They have a whole section dedicated to it.

I even saw members withdrawing and cherishing their 9th payments from Ojooo.

So while there are test cases present on both sides of the spectrum what I’ve concluded is that majority of the complains are from 2014. That’s 3-4 years from now and about one year after Ojooo Wad came into existence.

Quite possible that the heavy influx of new members (remember the current 21 million members) led to the “meltdown” of their system hence it took longer for them to process the payments.

Second, with such numbers, the probability of frauds and cheats also increases and this also might have happened with Ojooo Wad.

They must have started experiencing waves and waves of members coming from the same IP addresses, same members with different accounts, members using auto-clickers etc. and all of this may have led to incorporating extensive audit procedures hence, slowing down the payout process.

So if you ask my opinion, OJOOO WAD IS DEFINITELY LEGIT, However, though I haven’t seen any complaints in 2017, which is evident of the maturity of their system, I’d still suggest you take my verdict with a grain of salt.

Final Word

So that’s my Ojooo Wad review. I hope I’ve been quite succinct and at the same time, comprehensive as well. In case you’re content with my review, I’d end it review with a humble request for joining this website using my affiliate link below.

Create Free Account on Ojooo Wad.

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3 thoughts on “Ojooo Wad Review – Is Ojooo Wad Scam or Legit?

  • Avatar
    September 21, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    It was a nice review. As for now I am just starting to have my ojoo account and have my 1 rented referral. This guide teaches me a lot. I want you to know about this https://bit.ly/2PUnXak it had made me money more. If you have also time please do make a review about it. Thank you and Best Regards

  • Avatar
    January 20, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I have ojooo privilege account since 12 the of January 2019, according to ojooo benefit calculator if you have 40$ privilege account plus 115 rented referral and 5 direct refs then you will be able to earning 1050 $ in one month which is 38$ per day. But story is inverse I am earning 1$ per day hardly. Even ojooo contact is not replying me on this query. I think its making fool, just fake. In my opinion paidverts is best, its BAPS increase will increase you earning, and Neobux is also fake Its 100 RR give hardly 1$ per day.

    • Saad
      January 20, 2019 at 8:35 pm

      Hi Assad,

      The income calculator is just an estimation of the maximum amount that you could earn and in no way the guarantee of money that you’d be generating. So they are not fake, it’s just the misunderstanding that the users sometimes bear in there mind.
      I hope that I’ve cleared the confusion.
      Everybody make mistakes. This one’s yours. Hope you’ve learned from it. When it comes to PTC website, what I’ve learned is that always rely on organic referrals.

      Thank you.


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