GPTPlanet Review – Is GPTPlanet Scam or Legit?

If you’re thinking that I’m done with the PTC websites then I have to break it for you. You’re far from being right. I still have at least dozen of them up in my sleeves. So it’s far from over.

Continuing the streak of discussing the best, trusted and legit PTC sites, today, I have another PTC website about which we’re going to figure out if it’s a scam or legit. If legit then how much can you expect to make from this website? How many ways can you make money? So keep reading below if you want an honest GPTPlanet review. Since I have myself given this website a try, you will be reading first-hand experience about it.

GPTPlanet Review

What is GPTPlanet?

GPTPlanet is yet another GPT/PTC website which pays its members to complete different and simple tasks. Most basic and primary in nature of them is getting paid to watch ads. The rest of the tasks are also simple and we’ll discuss them in a bit more detail below.

History of GPTPlanet

A simple Whois domain lookup for GPTPlanet reveals that it was registered in 2010.

By the writing of this article, the website has amassed 480,356 members while giving away more than $900,000 to its members.

I checked out its “Payment Proof” section. On February 14th, 2018 alone, the website entertained 107 withdrawal requests. Some of them requesting payments as high as $47.50.

So if we try to assess the credibility of the website through its history and payment records, it does have strong standing.

However, let’s analyze more features of GPTPlanet in order to arrive at our final verdict.

Click Here to Create an Account on GPTPlanet

GPTPlanet Membership Levels

Membership levels in GPTPlanet range from the Standard (Free) to a Yearly Gold Plus membership.

The cost and perks of these membership levels vary as well where the most economical may cost you $5/month to $300/year for the most lucrative one.

Perks of being a premium member is that you can earn as high as $0.1 every day just by watching ads.

Additionally, you earn 100% commissions on your referrals clicks as opposed to only 10% when you are a standard member. Moreover, you also earn commissions on every purchase or upgrade your members do. So upgrading to a premium membership increases your earning potential by multiple folds.

How can you make money on GPTPlanet?

There are multiple ways to make money on GPTPlanet. These are:

#1. Get Paid to View Ads

Duh. Right?

All you have to do is click an ad, watch it (one at a time, of course) for few seconds and then click the upside-down image once the time is up in order to confirm that you’re not a bot and voila, you’ve earned money.

How much you get paid to view an ad depends on the length of that ad. For starters, it ranges anywhere from $0.001 to $0.01.

Talking from my experience, being a standard member, I get to watch more than 20 ads daily all ranging from $0.0011 to $0.0002.

#2. GPTGrid

GPTGrid is a 20 x 28 clickable region with 560 spots or grids. You need to click on one of those grids and watch the ad. Upon completion, you MAY get rewarded. Now, how much that reward is, depends on your luck. In fact, you cannot say for sure if you’re going to be rewarded or not. That’s just a matter of luck.

Generally, I don’t recommend such earning opportunities which highly depends so heavily on “chances”, however, it’s an income opportunity nevertheless.

As a standard member, you get 10 shots and each ad takes around 5-7 seconds. The maximum amount you can win is $1.00.

As a matter of fact, while writing this article, I had a go with GPTGrid. I exhausted all my (10) chances but won nothing. Hard luck, I guess. It took me just two minutes though. So I’m sure you can work out the odds and the overall costs by doing the maths yourself.

#3. Get Paid to Complete Offers

As the name says, you are presented with different offers in the “Offer Wall” section. Keep completing them and the money keeps pouring in. The compensation per offer is different so I won’t quote any hard figure here. However, this is for sure that the offers pay WAY WAY WAY more than the ads.

However, since in many offers, you have to sign up at many places or even make a purchase, you have to give your personal information. So it’s for you to decide if you are willing to bear this cost.

#4. Filling out Surveys

Do I need to explain this?

If yes, then here’s a brief. Fill out surveys that show up in your account and get compensated for them. Again, you will have to impart your private information in many surveys so you need to keep the risks in mind. The downside of surveys is that their frequency depends heavily on your geographical location. Therefore, if you’re from first tier countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc., then you can expect relatively higher numbers of surveys as compared to those members living outside these countries.

#5. Referral Commissions

You get paid for the clicks of your Direct or Rented referrals. Direct referrals are those which you acquire using your affiliate link while the rented referrals are bought for a limited time period.

Depending on your membership level, you earn different amount of commissions on your referrals’ clicks ranging from 10% as a standard member to 100% as a premium member.

One point to keep in mind though is that you need to click at least 4 pay per click ads in order to receive commissions from your referrals’ clicks. So, focusing on just building your downline won’t get you anywhere. You need to be active on GPTPlanet yourself in order to receive referrals’ commissions.

#6. Redeem Points

When you watch an ad, in addition to the monetary benefit, you also get one point. You can redeem these points for cash. To earn $1, you need to earn 10,000 points.

How Much Money Can You Make From GPTPLanet?

Though, the amount you earn per activity on PTC websites is akin to peanuts (maybe even a single peanut holds more value than what you earn from watching a single ad). However, in their defense, they allow you to earn without having any sort of experience or skills set. If you know how to handle a computer, you’re all good to go.

Similarly, you’re definitely at a loss if you expect to make money from PTC websites working all alone. You need to concentrate on building your downline. Only then you can start imagining yourself in the Bahamas enjoying vacations. Before that, it’s all rough out there.

So just for a little brain exercise, let’s assume that you receive 100 clicks all coming from your referrals who clicked $0.001 ads. Since you’re a standard member, you’ll earn 10.00% on your referrals’ earnings. That way, you’ll earn ($0.001 x 10.00%) x 100 x 30 days = $0.3 per month.

That does not seem to be too much but it is what it is. Keep upgrading or building your downline until you reach a satisfactory level from a single PTC website.

GPTPlanet Cashout Options and Requirements

The very first time, the minimum payout amount is $1.05. After that, the limit increases to $2.00.

Payouts are paid via Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, and BitCoin.

With its growing popularity, it’s very likely that more people will be wanting to receive their payouts in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that dismisses the intervention of banks and tends to be the most commonly used digital currency. In fact, it’s that used that some people may decide to mit Bitcoin Superstar investieren (invest with Bitcoin Superstar) to see how they can diversify their portfolio, as well as getting more money back in the process. Good right? So no wonder you can choose this as an option of a payout.


  1. A relatively higher frequency of ads. Being a standard member myself, I get to watch more than 20 ads per day. That’s just for “View Ads” section. The number increases even further when I start watching ads present in different “Offer Walls”.
  2. Just 5-7 seconds for $0.001 ads. This means that if you’re watching 20 ads per day, you can get done with all of them within 3 minutes (considering time spent on other side activities such as login etc.)
  3. Multiple ways to make money.
  4. Multiple payout options.
  5. Active forum.
  6. No limit on direct referrals.
  7. Allows multitasking. Though some ads require you to focus on the screen, however, that’s only to trigger the timer. Once the timer starts, you may very well do something else and the clock will keep ticking.


  1. Relatively lower compensation per ad.
  2. Limited numbers of rented referrals for free members.
  3. Need a daily “login and click” activity to receive referrals’ clicks commission.

So What’s the Verdict? Is GPTPlanet Scam or Legit?

To be honest, so far over here on the PTC/GPT section of The Usual Stuff, I’ve reviewed only legit websites. This is not some sort of achievement in any sense. I hope some other time in the future I’ll also review scam PTC websites, however, as for today, I’d rather keep with the streak.

So my humble verdict is that GPTPlanet is definitely legit but as for any other PTC website, you need to develop your downline in order to see any good money coming in.

Final Word

Concluding my GPTPlanet review, I hope that I’ve been able to encompass major key points of this website in order to help you guide the pros and cons of joining this website. In case you’re interested in becoming a member, I’d request to do so using my affiliate link below.

Create Free Account on GPTPlanet.

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