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Today, another review of my recent series of PTC and GPT sites reviews is about DonkeyMails. A GPT website that’s in business since the last 13 years. That’s some solid business history especially when it comes to PTC or GPT websites. So here’s my DonkeyMails review.

Donkeymails Review

How Does DonkeyMails Work?

It’s no secret there are fast ways to win cash online, for example, playing online games on sites like Did you know there are other weird and wonderful ways to get money too? Just like other GPT websites, as a DonkeyMails member you get paid to watch ads, read emails, filling out surveys etc.

However In addition to above activities, there are at least couple of more ways you can make money from Donkeymails.

And that’s by reading emails and listening to radio.

That’s right, you get paid to read emails on DonkeyMails and listen to radio. That’s something unique from other GPT websites.

In fact, did you ever think of someone paying you radio? Well, DonkeyMails does.

History of Donkeymails

Donkeymails was founded by Sebastiaan Broekhof in 2004/05. There are many other PTC and GPT websites under his belt as well which are also currently “in business”. I will share about in the future. So what I want to say is that Sebastian is surely not like a rookie businessman who gives a shot at everything that comes in front of him. He’s pretty much specialized the PTC/GPT niche by running a whole network of these websites.

And that for more than a decade.

That’s around 13-14 years of long history along with 600,000 worldwide members which add up to DonkeyMails credibility.

However, during these 14 years, there has been once incident when DonkeyMails went offline.Not for 1 or 2 days but straight 25 days. Given the volatile business model of GPT websites, many expected that the website, just like many others, went out of business. Some even speculated of the website getting hacked.

However, on 1st October 2017, Donkeymails came back online. They had some problems with the server and Sebastiaan ruled out any chances of hacking by leaving a message on the website.

Other than the above incident, the website has been pretty much online and paying its members.

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Donkeymails User Interface

One downside of Donkeymails that I’d like to mention straightaway is its user interface. Just a look at it will give you an impression that the website is stuck in 90’s and early 2000’s.

The user interface is ugly and it takes some time to get along with the navigation of the website.

I believe Sebastian should really consider redesigning his website. Spend some money on it and give it a modern look. In fact, a complete overhaul would do just fine.

I’m sure that many new visitors who haven’t had read Donkeymails review may have turned down this website as their go-to GPT site and considered it an outright scam. So a little consideration towards the front-end end can win lots of new visitors for Donkeymails.

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How Can You Make Money From DonkeyMails?

There are many ways you can make money from DonkeyMails. Below are some of them:

Donkeymails Review - How to Make Money on DonkeyMails-min
Different Ways You Can Make Money On DonkeMails.

  1. Get Paid To Watch Ads

Donkeymails pays you to click and watch ads. The amount get is different for different ads. However, so far, what I’ve seen is that you may get somewhere around $0.3 ($0.003) to $0.1 ($0.001) cents per ad. Some may pay even less than that though but your average rate per ad will lurk around the range that I’ve mentioned above.

Similarly, the time to watch these ads also vary. I’ve seen the time as low as 7 seconds to as high as 30 seconds.

  1. Get Paid To Read Emails

What makes DonkeyMails unique from other GPT websites is that it pays you to read emails as well. Now you must be thinking that if you sign up for DonkeyMails, you should be expecting whole bunch of (spam) emails storming in your inbox. If that’s the case then let me clear one thing.

DonkeyMails provide the option if you want to receive their emails in your own mailbox or DonkeyMails’ provided inbox.

Of course, in most of the cases, one would always choose the DonkeyMails’ inbox (I’ve done the same as well). So you don’t need to worry about the plethora of emails coming in your inbox after you sign up for DonkeyMails.

What I mean by “reading emails” is that you have to click open an email from the inbox, read and find the link which is marked as “Paid Ad”. Click that link and watch it for some predetermined time period and that’s it.

So getting paid by watching ads and getting paid to read emails is somewhat similar in DonkeyMails. In both cases, you need to watch ads for some time period and just like watching ads above, the time and compensation for each mail vary.

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  1. Make Money By Completing Offers

There are tons of offers on DonkeyMails and you can make money by completing each one of them. Just make sure that you don’t give away your private confidential information when completing these offers. Look for offers that you can complete where you don’t even have to give away your private information.

Some of these offers are in fact instructions such as: click on the link, read the site title and description, wait for the page to load completely and that’s it. You get different amount of money for different offers. I’ve seen offers paying as low as $0.0007 and it takes just 5 seconds to complete this offer.

  1. Make Money Taking Surveys

The name says it all. You can make money taking surveys on DonkeyMails. Especially if you come from the the countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. In fact, there are more surveys available to US members as compared to any other country.

  1. Get Paid To Listen Radio

On Donkeymails, you also get paid to listen to radio. All you have to do is to listen radio, of course, from the link that Donkeymails provide, and enter captcha code whenever it appears. This captcha code is to make sure that you’re active.

You get 1 cent for each captcha. No Minimum Payout

  1. Donkeymails Monthly Contest

Donkeymails conducts different contests on monthly basis where it pays cash to the winners.

The most prominent of them is the Donkeymails Monthly Referral Contest. The top members with the most referrals in a month bag decent amount of money.

For e.g. in November 2017, DonkeyMails paid up to $350 in real cash to its top members who were able to bring most numbers of referrals to the website.

So if you think that you’re good in online marketing, then in addition to earning commissions from referrals’ activities, you can also earn immediate cash on Donkeymails by participating in the contest.

  1. Make Commission From Referrals’ Earnings

DonkeyMails offers generous referral commission from your referrals’ earnings up to the fifth level. Putting in layman terms, you make money even if the referral of your referral of his referral of his referral and of his referral makes money.

This is what you make from each level of your referral.

  1. 10% from the direct referrals’ earnings
  2. 5% from the referral of your direct referral (2nd Level)
  3. 3% from the referral of your 2nd level referral (3rd Level)
  4. 2% from the referral of your 3rd level referral (4th Level)
  5. 1% from the referral of your 4th level referral (5th Level)

So once you refer a member to DonkeyMails, chances are that they’re going to generate multiple commissions for you. So the more you refer and the more you help your referrals to gain referrals, the better off you are.

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DonkeyMails – Membership Levels

While you may get started as a standard member, you can always upgrade to higher level by paying an extra fee.

There are 8 membership levels on DonkeyMails starting from Baby Donkey level to all the way up to Super Huge Donkey. The name sounds funny though.

Some memberships require you to pay yearly while others provide you the option to pay either monthly or yearly.

The benefits of upgrading is that you get advertising budget along with free referrals. Some membership package even provide you with guaranteed clicks as well.

The subscription of these membership vary. From $10 per year Baby Donkey level to $150 per year for Super Huge Donkey level. However, you can also pay for Super Huge Donkey membership level on monthly basis. In that case, you will be charged $15 per month.

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DonkeyMails Minimum Payout and Payment Methods

Another great thing about DonkeyMails is that you don’t have to wait for a minimum amount to cash out (if you choose Okpay as your payout method). The modes of payment that DonkeyMails offers are:

  1. Okpay (No minimum payment)
  2. Payeer ($1 minimum)
  3. Paypal ($1 minimum)
  4. PerfectMoney ($1 minimum)
  5. Payza ($1.06 minimum) ($1 minimum)
  6. Solid Trust Pay ($0.5 minimum)
  7. Bitcoin ($1 minimum)

Is DonkeyMails Legit?

Need I say that?

Of course, Donkeymails is 100% legit and paying since the last 13-14 years.

Concluding My DonkeyMails Review

While I conclude my DonkeyMails review, I’d say that the success from the PTC and GPT sites lies in the secret fn getting as much referrals as possible.

I was thinking about writing the pros and cons of DonkeyMails where the cons would be the low amount of compensation against each activity. However, I didn’t do that. The reason is that this is what PTC websites do. They pay meager amount of money to their members for activities which literally requires no skill or work experience.make

So it won’t be fair if one starts complaining about this fact. The business model of PTC/GPT websites don’t allow compensation any more than that.

However, this does not mean that PTC/GPT websites are not a viable option.

The key to success is in getting as much referrals as possible. If you think that you can make decent income just by yourself then I have a bad news for you. This is not going to happen.

You can very well generate a stream of passive income from websites like DonkeyMails but for that, you need to promote these websites using your referral links and be patient.

It takes some time to reach to a significant level of earnings.

I hope you have that grit and persistence to succeed.

Signing off and if you want to join DonkeyMails, just FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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