Cashcrate Review – Is Cashcrate Scam or Legit?

CashCrate has officially shut down on April 01, 2019. Although their website is still online and converted into a directory of GPT (Get-Paid-To) programs. Therefore, this review is OBSOLETE now!.

I’ve been writing a lot about legit PTC and GPT sites lately. In fact, the current streak about such websites on this blog is currently 3 if we include this article (Cashcrate Review). It may not sound too significant but given the multi-dimensional nature of this blog, where I don’t write about specific topic back to back, this is quite meaningful.

Of course, the main reason is that there are tons of PTC/GPT sites out there and I’ve tried many of them. So naturally, it gives me enough content to write about without even researching a lot as I’ve been gaining first hand experience myself.

Second reason is the similarity in nature of the content. All the legit PTC websites follow the same business model more or less. So generating content frequently becomes relatively simpler and I thought why not take advantage of this ease, educate my readers and then move on to some more lucrative online money making opportunities.

So let’s get started with our Cashcrate Review.

Cashcrate Review

What Is Cashcrate?

Cashcrate is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website. You get paid to complete small tasks. Since the tasks are simple you shouldn’t expect getting paid handsomely but that’s how “Cost Vs Benefits” work. The difficult the task, the more you get paid and vice versa. If you want to find a better way of making some more money online then take a look at this article on blogg.

In case of Cashcrate, as I said above, the tasks are so simple that even a pre-teen kid can complete them. Well, at least, in most of the cases. So you should not expect to get rich overnight from Cashcrate. Nevertheless, the website has the potential to help you bring home some good bucks month after month. However, it is important to note there are a number of ways to get extra mula online in today’s digital climate.

Before diving in deeper about how can you make money on Cashcrate, let’s first have a look at the history of Cashcrate.

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History of Cashcrate

A quick review of Cashcrate’s domain ( reveals that it was registered in Feb 2006. According to the website itself, they claim to be paying their members since 2006. That’s more than 11 years of solid history and this is what makes Cashcrate the most credible website in GPT niche.

If you review Cashcrate’s website, you will find tons of verified payment history on their Payment Wall which itself is a testimony that this website does pay it members.

Is There Any Cost To Join Cashcrate?

Nope. Joining Cashcrate is ABSOLUTELY FREE and you can sign up and get going within minutes.

Sign up for Cashcrate. It’s absolutely free to join.

How You Can Make Money From Cashcrate

You can make money from Cashcrate through following activities.

Cashcrate Review Main Dashboard

1. $1.00 Sign Up Bonus

You can instantly earn cash from Cashcrate as your sign up offer. Cashcrate gives you $1.00 as soon as you sign up.

2. Get Paid to Take Surveys

The most frequent activity that you can perform on Cashcrate is by undertaking surveys. You get paid to take surveys on cashcrate. The monetary reward to complete each survey varies according to the nature of the survey. However, on average, you should not expect more than $1 or $2 per survey.

When it comes to Cashcrate’s sruveys, living in countries like US, UK, Canada or specially other English speaking countries have an advantage of more surveys in their accounts

3. Make Money Online By Completing Offers

On cashcrate, you can make money online by completing different offers. They’re offers where you get paid even up to $8 but the offer’s something like that you need to sign up as a Uber driver, complete your paperwork etc. to claim those 8 bucks.

Similarly, there are other offers as well which pay you way less than $8 and therefore, requires less information.

Some of these offers could be to sign up on a website, download and install an app etc. So the price varies according to the nature of the offer. However, you can expect around $0.5 to $1 on an average offer.

4. Get Paid to Shop Online

Well, to be more precise, you’d be saving on your online shopping instead of making money out of it. How does this work? You get cash back from your online shopping. How much cash do you get back depends on the retailer you shop from. However, you need to shop via Cashcrate’s portal.

Cashcrate partners with some prominent retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc. This means that you can get cash back from your regular shopping that you normally do and don’t need to forcefully buy substandard products from unknown vendors.

The shopping feature was removed some time ago but it made a comeback recently. Normally, you get instant get cash back but if you cancel your order, the dollars may be revoked. So apparently it seems like that you cannot dodge the system by making purchases, claiming the cash from Cashcrate and then canceling your order.

5. Get Rewarded Online From Cashcrate by Playing Games

CashCrate has games such as Crates, Solitaire, Mahjong Pyramid, Toader, Word Noodle, and Wrecked Angles. Or in other words, some popular light weight that games that people normally play online.

You can play these games and earn points for yourself. There is already a lot of great info out there about playing online games to make a little bit of cash. Online casinos are a great way to make a small fortune if you know what you’re doing so it’s no surprise these CashCrate games are becoming popular too. Moreover, tournaments are held on Cashcrate where high scorers are awarded certain points. You can then redeem these points against different prizes. These prizes include Amazon Gift Cards, Apple iTunes Gift Cards and even physical prizes like Sony PSP, iPod etc.

So you can earn rewards for the games which you normally play online.

6. Make Money From Referrals and Your Referrals’ Referrals

Probably the best way to make money from Cashcrate, you can promote the Cashcrate and make money from your referrals. Even better, Cashcrate offers referral system up to second level. Which means that you earn commissions even when the referral of your referrals make money.

So how much money do you make money from each referral?

Well, there are 4 levels of your membership in Cashcrate which decide your commissions from your referrals. I won’t go in much detail so will share details about the very first level only because this is the point where all the members start from. The very first level is Bronze level.

While being a Bronze level member, you make 20.00% commissions on all your referrals’ earnings and 10.00% on the earnings of your referrals’ referrals.

Even better, you make $3.00 from your direct referrals when they earn their first $10.00 on Cashcrate.

So just as an example, you refer your friend to Cashcrate who also refers it to his friend, that makes two members in your downline.

Now, suppose that your direct referral and the referral of your referral earns $10.00 by completing 5 Bonus offers and 5 Bonus surveys. So from your direct referral, your earnings will be:

  1. $3.00 for your referral’s first $10.00
  2. $2.00 (20.00% commission on $10.00)
  3. $0.25 ($0.05 per qualifying bonus offer ($0.05 x 5 bonus offers ))
  4. $0.25 ($0.05 per qualifying bonus surveys ($0.05 x 5 bonus surveys))
  5. $1 (10.00% commission from your referral’s referral’s earnings)

So you make up to $6.50 from just your single referral and a referral under him.

Imagine how much you can multiply your earnings but having an army of referrals. Believe me, that’s not unheard of. Some old members of Cashcrate are making way up to $1,000 a month just in form of referral commissions.

Enter your information below and get started with Cashcrate immediately

How Much Money Can You Make From Cashcrate?

According to Cashcrate itself, some members are making thousands bucks a month. Of course, they must be very rare so we best not base our assumptions on the basis of the exceptional cases.

However, if you actively promote Cashcrate, it’s quite possible to make hundreds from this website. Looking at the above example, say if you’re able to extend your downline to just even 20 active members, you will easily make up to $130 (more or less) from this website. That’s completely on auto-pilot. Of course, it takes some efforts to promote the website but once you get going, you will definitely pave your way to make some decent passive income for yourself.

If you don’t actively promote Cashcrate and you can’t extend your downline to a decent number of members, then you will struggle to make serious amounts of money. Instead, there are other ways of making money online which you may find more beneficial. Using online casinos is one popular way which you may choose to explore, and this espert review should help you to start. If gambling isn’t your thing, then perhaps stick to Cashcrate.

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Minimum Payout and Mode of Payment

The minimum payout is $20.00 and Cashcrate pays you primarily through check. Although, you can also get paid through Paypal but this option only becomes available when you get paid at least once via check from Cashcrate and have reached silver membership status.

Pros and Cons of Cashcrate


  1. Easy online money making opportunity
  2. Generous referral system which allows referral till the second level.
  3. Decent compensation against surveys and offers.
  4. Been in business since the last 11 years so they have a pretty matured business model.
  5. Has its own blog and forum so gaining access to active community is easier.


Just like any other online business opportunity, Cashcrate is also not without its downsides.

  1. The major setback is that the website relies on your personal information.
  2. There are many surveys where you will have to submit your personal information. This can be a bit tricky though so I’d advise you to observe caution.
  3. Once you complete these offers and surveys, you will see your inbox flooded with spams. Similarly, you’ll start getting cold calls from different vendors offering you to buy their products or services. This is really annoying
  4. Payment options are too few as compared to other PTC/GPT websites.
  5. Very few surveys for non-English countries. Hence, less money making opportunities.

So as you see, everything is not hunky dory with Cashcrate and if you want to really this alternate income stream, I’d advise you to keep the cons of Cashcrate in mind as well.

In fact, I’d suggest you to create a whole new email address and sign up from that so that your main email address is not flooded with spam emails.

Is Cashcrate Scam or Legit?

Cashcrate is definitely as legit GPT website paying its members for more than a decade.

However, at the end of this Cashcrate review, I’d also stress this one more time that there are cost and benefits of everything and Cashcrate is also not an exception.

You may read quite a few reviews on the web cussing Cashcrate but nobody would complain that the website does not pay (except of course, if we ignore the exceptions).

Many would complain that although Cashcrate claims to be free but it’s not actually free as you have to give away your private information to different advertisers who sell it to other businesses. So in a sense, you’re selling your information at a very low cost.

While I may not reject their claim, but Cashcrate does in fact pay you and that’s what many of its members find meaningful.

Another criticism levelled on Cashcrate is that it’s not an actual business as you’re not creating anything of value and I completely agree with them. However, in Cashcrate’s defense, the website helps in getting your “financial” bases covered. Even to a very little extent but it does nevertheless. Cashcrate lets you develop an income stream from where you can earn a decent income and then concentrate your efforts in creating a rather value adding online business. Once you get going, it does not even take an hour per day to manage your Cashcrate account. Hence, provides you with the mental relaxation and allows you to concentrate on rather those activities that you love.

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Is Crashcrate Recommended?

Yes, but only with certain precautions. Just make sure that you do not give away your vital personal information that you do not want anyone to get hold of.

Only if you’re able to observe this level of precautions then Cashcrate is definitely recommended.

Having said that, I’d end my Cashcrate review. In case you really want to sign up for Cashcrate, I’d appreciate if you do this from my referral link. This way, I will have options of staying in touch with you and therefore, share other legit online money making opportunities with you.

Cheers and here’s the link to Sign Up.

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