Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty – Review

If you are interested in fighter jets, dog fights and aeronautical action then I have a good news for you. Today, I will review Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty. An Android based third person shooter game for jet enthusiasts.

About The Developer

Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty goes with the name of BraveTale. A gaming studio which interestingly, does not have its own website. Neither there is any information available of this developer.

I tried to follow the link to the developer’s on Google Apps website but no use. The link led me to a “limbo” page. The domain, currently abodes on Godaddy’s page using their free domain parking feature.

So what does it mean? Is the gaming studio out of business or they never had a website in the first place?

Any ways, the point is that it’s weird that a gaming studio which has released around 5 games and each game has a rating of either 4 or more than that remains in oblivion.

However, having said that, after digging a little bit more, I found that the developer has a “Gmail” email address and is based in Hong Kong.

Number of Downloads

By the writing of this review, Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty’s total downloads are 473,200 times. So this game is indeed popular.

Game’s Niche

Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty is based in modern “battle” niche. The fighter jets in this game belong to the modern warfare.

So those enthusiast who prefer warplane dog fights can give this game a try.


As said above, it’s a third person shooter, 3D game where you are operating your fighter jet and your sole purpose of life is to take the enemy planes down.

Shooter games are always very popular, but some of my favorites are actually in the first person shooter format. Speaking of which, if you would like to improve your in-game shooting skills and aim, There is a great aim test over at Take a look and see how you get on.

There is no backstory of any type. The incentive for you is that after each mission, you get coins which you can use to unlock more advanced fighter jets (16 in total).

These fighter jets are not fictional. All of the fighter jets depicted in this game are real life replicas. For e.g. F-16, F-18, F-35, Harrier etc.

Each fighter jet has different attributes which you can use for different purposes. For e.g. some jets will have more machine guns mounted on it, while other would be superior in terms of speed.

Similarly, each jet is adorned with different sets of weapons. For e.g. some may have automatic machine gun and sniper shotgun, some may have guided missiles which chase its enemy and some may have a gun which sprinkles multiple low-damage-inflicting shrapnels.

So in total, there are 4 different types of weapons. You get to play with different combinations and numbers of these weapons.

Though my favorite weapon is that sniper shot gun but I find 4 automatic machine guns mounted on F-18. It takes just few hits to bring down an enemy’s jet.

Coming to different types of challenges, there are mainly two types of challenges that you have to deal with.

Call of ModernWar - Select Fighter jets

Normal Missions

In this type of challenge, the nemesis’ fighter jets are generally meek and you can get rid of them easily in relative terms. This gametype gets challenging as the number of the enemies keep on increasing. For e.g. on Mission 30 (which I’m currently on), I have to shoot down 8 fighter jets to qualify for the next mission.

Ace Fight

In this type of challenge, there is only one fighter jet that you have to deal with but this jet is relatively is harder to knock down.

The level of fighter jets keeps on increasing and it becomes harder to knock it down gradually as you proceed through the game.

The fighter jets that you have to be face-to-face with also keeps changing.

Each ace fight shows up after successfully clearing particular numbers of mission based challenges.


Overall, I’d rate the graphics as good. The planes look slightly realistic. However, their movement and gliding through the air is something that irks me. I have mentioned this in my criticism below.

However, in general, the developer has done a good job as far as the graphics are concerned.


Sound is OK. Not too great but again, not bad either. I’d have preferred the high speed whooshing sound when the enemy jets passes by you as well. But there is none. However, you can hear your own jet penetrating through the air very loud and clear.

What I also miss is that there’s no sound when you fire the guided missiles. They just silently leave for their target. Developers should have added some sound there as well.

However, overall I’d rate the sound as good for Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty

System Requirements

The game works on any Android device (3.0 and up) and requires only 50Mbs of your cellphone space.

Google Apps Rating

On November 1st, 2017, the ratings of Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty is 4.7.

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My Criticisms On Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty

Of course, everything is not perfect and this game also has its share of criticisms. With the hope that these points will be worked upon and improved in the next version, I will jot them down in bullets so that it is easy to go through them.

  1. I believe that the levels of the jets on which they’re unlocked is not justified. For e.g. F-18 unlocks before Harrier. The weapons and speed (afterburner) of F-18 are far superior to Harrier. That’s not logical. I mean I’m not talking about the real life and just sticking to the game for now. Even after unlocking Harrier, I still use F-18 for my missions as it is much more effective in shooting down enemies.
  2. I don’t like the way enemies all of a sudden change their trajectories as soon as they’re shot. To be honest, instead of fighter jets, they act like mosquitoes. That’s right. When you hit an enemy plane (provided that the shot is not lethal), it just changes its direction unrealistically.
  3. Someone playing game that includes fighter jets most likely want to experience that adrenaline pumping feeling you have when going at high speed. Unfortunately, this game fails to create this feeling. Does not matter if you’re high in the heavens or flying low near the ground, the landmarks seem to pass by with the same slow speed. Even when you trigger the thrusters (afterburner), the landmarks don’t seem to move quickly to give you a feeling of high speed.
  4. You cannot perform much of the tricks with a fighter jet. In fact, you cannot even 360-flip your jet. Jets only tilt 90 degrees or even less than that. That’s a serious shortcoming. These are not Boeings. These are small and yet powerful fighter jets.
  5. Despite the name, ModernWar, the view is not modern at all. All you have to aim and shoot your enemy jets down is a simple cross-hair which does not even change its color when the enemy is right in the bulls-eye. So I’d suggest to add some sophisticated cross hair which is not just limited to the position of the the jet itself.
  6. Similarly, modern and sophisticated cockpit view would do just great.
  7. Again, despite proclaiming as “Modern”, there is no radar to figure out where your enemies are. Once you lose sight of your adversary, you have to maneuver your jet here and there to figure out where your enemy is. I mean what happened to modern radars in the planes?
  8. Again, the enemy planes do not whoosh around you. They lurk around you like houseflies. This is again the same criticism that I raised in point 3 above. The game to some extent fails to create that high-speed feeling that you may expect while playing games involving fighter jets.
  9. Sometimes you will see that once the enemy’s plane is shot down, instead of going down, it may fly upwards and crashes in the heavens. That’s something weird and I think this needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Just kills the buzz.
  10. The scoring system is absurd. Does not matter how many jets you shoot down in a mission. You will earn same points. The points should vary with the number of opponents you bring down.

My Verdict

The above criticism may sound too much but if we take the whole background especially the amount of space it occupies on your phone along with the resources it consumes, I’d say that it’s a pretty good effort.

I’d definitely recommend this game but chances are more than likely that you will get bored with this game pretty soon.

The main reason being besides the numbers of the enemy jets, nothing significant changes take place.

However, I’d suggest you to go ahead, give Call of ModernWar – Warfare Duty a try and let me know if this game really suits your temperament.

How about a little gaming video?

Before signing off, have a look at the gameplay yourself to have a better idea and the “feel” of this game.

Here’s the video:

Happy gaming.

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