BitToClick Review – Earn In USD Get Paid In BitCoins

Ever since the BitCoins value has hit the roof, people have started to use awara to get crypto volume alerts, allowing them to make smarter decisions when investing money into crypto. Some people are still confused about bitcoin though, which is why it is now so easy to find things online to help explain what bitcoin is. For example, some people look to something like this bitcoin vlog. In turn, the value of BitCoin has in fact, shattered the roof and of this day, trading at whooping $15,500 a pop.

Despite clear indications of the next financial bubble, many investors are outright buying this blockchain backed currency but this path is too risky. People are really loving what bitcoin can do for them though, so it’s no surprise that every person has jumped in to this cryptocurrency Bandwagon with software like Gunbot coming out to help peoples trading of cryptocurrency. One alternative is to mine it. However, BitCoin mining is no longer a viable option (if you do it alone) as the power consumed to mine a single bitcoin out-price it’s worth. One feasible option is to used shared resources to mine bitcoin but let’s keep it for some other time.

Lastly, the third viable option that’s left is that get yourself paid in BitCoins. This seems to be the least risky option given the future crunch that many experts foresee right now.

You earn dollars but get paid BTC. This will keep your one foot in the USD boat while other in the BTC boat. Hence making sure that you’re least affected by the fluctuation in case things go south.

So if you want to get paid in BitCoins, there’s one website which pays you BitCoin for task as simple as just clicking an ad and watching it. The website’s name is BitToClick and today, you will be reading BitToClick review by me after using this website for some time.

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BitToClick Review – Earn BitCoins For Watching Ads

Before starting BitToClick Review, let me clear one thing. This is not “Earn Free BitCoin” opportunity at all.

Though you may NOT Necessarily require to invest in monetary terms but still you have to invest your time (on daily basis) and I consider time to be the most valuable resource in one’s disposal. So if you put a monetary value to your time, you will realize that there’s no free lunch.

So this website may not charge anything but still you have to invest your time in it to earn bitcoins.

What is BitToClick?

BitToClick is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) website which pays you a set amount of money (from $0.0002 to $0.01) for watching ads for a predetermined time.

History of BitToClick

Looking at the BitToClick’s Domain Whois Info, the website was registered in 2013. Though I have no idea about its owner, but I went through and reviewed forums and other websites but still couldn’t find any information about its owner. While the ownership part remains shady, yet there are over 90,000 members who have already registered for this website.

BitToClick Domain Whois Info
BitToClick Domain Whois Info

That’s approx. 24,000 new members year. Or 2,000 new members per month. Not very good but not that bad as well.

Although in 2014, some of its members reported that their accounts were banned for no reason. One person reported that he watched more than (supposedly) allotted ads in a day and his account got banned.

However, the owner of BitToClick responded by saying that there was some problem with their website’s script and that the issue was resolved and the banned accounts were reinstated.

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BitToClick’s New Leadership

On April 5, 2017, BitToClick was acquired by new investors and the owner announced that there will new and exciting earning opportunities henceforth with certain new contests to be introduced. However, I’m a member of this website and haven’t yet seen (at least as of this writing) any contest announced on BitToClick.

Who Can Join BitToClick?

A person from anywhere in the world can create account on BitToClick. All you have to do is enter your full name, email address, password and that’s it. You can start on BitToClick right away.

Click Here To Join BitToClick.

How Can You Make Money On BitToClick?

As of this writing, there are only following very limited ways you can make money from BitToClick.

1. Viewing Ads

All you have to do is click on a link/banner. The ad will open up in a new tab. You need to watch the ad for 15-30 seconds and once done, your account will be credited with $0.0002 (to $0.01 – depending on your membership level).

2. Referral Commission

You can also make money from BitToClick by referring new members to this website. If a person signs up to this website using your affiliate link, you can earn commissions either on your referrals’ clicks or when they decide to upgrade their memberships. Read below for BitToClick’s different membership levels and the perks associated with them.

3. $1.00 Sign Up Bonus

For once, when you join BitToClick, you immediately earn $1.00 as you signup bonus.

4. $5.00 Bonus For Joining PluginProfit

You’re also entitled to $5.00 bonus when you join PluginProfit website and let BitToClick website know about your PluginProfit website.

PluginProfit website is a membership training website developed by Stone Evans, an online entrepreneur. To know more about this website, click here.

By the way, the way BitToClick promotes Stone Evans PluginProfit website, it feels that Stone Evans owns BitToClick. However, I cannot say anything for sure.

So what are you waiting for? Join BitToClick and Start Earning BitCoins.

BitToClick Membership Levels & Their Benefits

Currently, BitToClick offers three membership levels.

1. BitCoin Miner (Free)

This is a basic and free membership. Every members by default starts with this level.

Free member earns $0.0002 per ad viewed. Moreover, BitToClick’s BitCoin Miner does not anything from his referrals’ clicks however, if any referral upgrades and becomes BitCoin Investor, the BitCoiner Miner earns $25 per upgrade.

Additionally, if any referral decides to advertise on BitToClick, BitCoiner Miner earns 1% commission on the ad purchased.

So if a referral decides to purchase $10 worth of advertising, the BitCoiner Miner will earn $0.1.

2. BitCoin Investor

A free member can upgrade and become a BitCoin Investor. The cost to upgrade is $197 a year. This means that one has to pay $197 every year to keep the membership status of BitCoin Investor.

The benefits of upgrading to BitCoin Investor is that he can earn 2500% more per ad as compared to what BitCoin Miner earns. So per click, he can bag up to $0.005.

Similarly, if any referral of BitCoin Investor upgrades and becomes a paid member, the BitCoin Investor earns $75. Moreover, BitCoin Investor is also earns 1% of referrals’ click value.

If those who buy bitcoin decides to buy advertisement, the BitCoin Investor earns 5% of the total value of the ads purchased.

3. BitCoin Banker

The most expensive and therefore, the membership level with most benefits in BitToClicks is the BitCoin Banker membership. You can claim this membership for a whole year for $397.

The benefits include 5000% click value per ad viewed. This means you can earn $0.01 per ad viewed.

When it comes to benefits from referrals, a BitCoin Banker earns 2% of whatever his referral earns per click. Similarly, if his referral upgrades and becomes a paid member, BitCoin Banker becomes entitled to $125.

Additionally, BitCoin Banker earns 10% commission on every advertisement bought by his referral. That’s $1 on every $10 of advertisement bought.

BitToClick Membership levels
BitToClick Membership levels

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How Much Money Can You Earn From BitToClick?

We won’t include the referrals’ earnings as there is no limit to it. Therefore, let’s assume that a person pursues BitToClick as a supplementary income opportunity solely. Further assuming that a person views 150 ads per day (as these are the number of ads currently showing up for clicks in my account). In one year, for each level of membership, a BitToClick member can earn:

BitCoin Miner Earnings

150 Ads x $0.0002 = $0.03 x 365 days = $10.95 per year

BitCoin Investor Earnings

150 Ads x $0.005 = $0.75 x 365 days = $273.75 per year

BitCoin Banker Earnings

150 Ads x $0.01 = $1.5 x 365 days = $547.5 per year

As you can see the earning potential is fairly limited in BitToClick if a person tries to make it on his own. However, the income opportunity increases by multiple folds if a the person promotes BitToClick and tries to establish his down-line as extensive as possible.

Now, let’s assume that you’re able to convince at least one user per month to become a paid member. In that case, your income potential in addition to the ad clicks will be:

BitCoin Miner: $25 x 12 = $300 per year

BitCoin Investor: $75 x 12 = $900 per year

BitCoin Banker: $125 x 12 = $1,500 per year

If you’re able to do this, believe me this is some serious income from any PTC website. So before joining BitToClick, make sure that you hone your marketing skills. Learn the art of convincing. Well, you must know how to convince in any form of marketing not only to promote BitToClick. Only then you can dream of earning something significant from the website.

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Minimum Payout and Payment Method

The minimum payout requirement on BitToClick is $10.00. However, as said above, you get paid the equivalent BitCoins in your BitCoins Wallet. So you need to enter your BitCoin wallet address to receive payment.

Pros and Cons of BitToClick


  1. Easy to understand business model.
  2. (Almost) unlimited number of ads to view
  3. Handsome compensation on referral upgrade and referral advertisement purchase
  4. A member can have unlimited number referrals in his downline. There’s absolutely no limit how much referrals you acquire no matter what your own membership level is. This enhances your chances of increasing your income exponentially.
  5. You earn BitCoins which many believe has the potential of reaching $50,000 in the future. So the earlier you get your hands on this cryptocurrency, the better it is.


  1. As compared to other PTC websites, the income per ad is very low.
  2. Unlike other PTC websites, you need to keep focus on screen in order to make sure that the clock keeps ticking. This means that you cannot multitask while watching ads. This I believe is the biggest disadvantage of BitToClick.
  3. You need to click at least 4 ads per day in order to receive credit from your referrals’ clicks.
  4. Need to be weary of the BitToClick server time. What this means is that instead of your own day, BitToClick day starts at its own server time therefore, the ads refresh when the new day starts on the BitToClick’s server. The repercussions of not being careful could be that you may click ads on two different days based on your own time zone but they may be counted as viewed on a single day because the new day never started on BitToClick’s server. As a result you may not get credit of your referrals’ clicks. Understanding BitToClick’s server time is not so difficult as compared to Neobux Server Time. I’ve written a whole article about Neobux Server Clicktime. I hope reading this article will help you understand BitToClick server time as well.
  5. While some experts speculate BitCoin reaching $50,000 mark, there are quite a few experts who are predicting a nose dive in its value. If that happens, I’m afraid the website won’t stay as lucrative as it is right now. So you need to keep your fingers crossed.

Is BitToClick Legit?

So, is BitToClick legit or scam? Well, as my review BitToClick review suggests and although the website is relatively new as compared to other PTC websites, it’s absolutely legit. However, the income potential is not so great provided that you don’t build your downline. In fact, just building your downline is not enough, you need to stay active yourself to make sure that you receive full credit from your referrals’ clicks. Clicking 4 ads per day will not take more than 2 minutes but still you have to make sure that you do not miss a day so that you don’t lose your referrals’ commissions.

Concluding My BitToClick Review

Let’s call it a day and wrap up my BitToClick review. Again, if you want to join this PTC website, just make sure that you’re not in to make half hearted attempts. This will only waste your time. In fact, not just for BitToClick, this advice is valid for all the forms of endeavors that you may undertake.

Though you cannot make a living out of this website but establishing a supplemental stream income stream is pretty much a possibility and, this possibility can only materialize if your pursuit is on the serious terms.

So signing off for now. If you’re interested in joining BitToClicks then you can create a free account by clicking the banner below.

Happy earnings…!

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