Ataribox Pre Order Date Announced

The Usual Stuff has been following keenly the developments around the Atari’s new console, The Ataribox. Well, keeping up with the developments, the latest news is that Atari just announced the Ataribox pre order date.

And that’s on 14th December 2017.


That’s right. Just two days away from the writing of this article.


Ataribox Background

If you’re not following the Ataribox news then let me help you catch up with the developments.

Back in August and September 2017, the pioneer in console gaming announced that at last after 30 years, they will release their new gaming console dubbed, the Ataribox. All-in-one retro gaming console. Supporting Killer Retro Games to Hot New Indie Titles.

There are two versions or models of the console. Wood and Plastic.

On their website, they also announced that they are looking forward to exploit “Crowdfudning” resources in order to fund this console.

You can read the full news here: Atari Announces Crowdfunding As Their Funding Go-To Strategy For Their Console, Ataribox

And after 3 months, I received another email from Atari announcing their pre order dates.



Ataribox Pre Order Date Announcement

Before going further in details, I want to share the email which I received from Atari announcing the pre order date.

The email goes like this:


Let the Games Begin


It’s Time!

Ataribox will be available for pre-order on December 14th, 2017.

You’ll be the first to know before pre-orders go live.

Our team would like to offer our earliest supporters a chance to grab Ataribox at an exclusive discount, so keep an eye on that inbox.

These deals will be extremely limited. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to get the best deal soon.



So what’s the purpose of this article?

Well, the purpose of this article is simple. If you’re a 90’s kid and a gaming enthusiast then I’m sure there must be very fond memories of Atari in your mind.


And if you want to rekindle those memories, it’s a great chance to grab the console at an exclusive discount.


How Can You Claim Exclusive Discount On Ataribox?

Simple, Sign up for their newsletter to stay updated with their launch-day deal. I’m sure you’re going to grab the best deal out of it.


So that’s it. If you’re really interested to be the first among many to own the gaming console straightaway when it’s out of the oven, make sure you sign up for the Atari’s newsletter.


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