Atari Seeks Crowdfunding for Ataribox

Pioneer in console gaming, Atari has revealed further plans for its upcoming console, Ataribox.

And this time, they’ve disclosed their funding strategy.

Few days ago, in a newsletter to its subscribers, on their website and instagram account, Atari announced its plan for launching its own gaming console.


As the gaming enthusiasts already know, Atari was among the forerunners in console gaming and the news was received with overwhelming welcoming response from the community.

Funding Strategy for Ataribox

Initially, other than releasing this plan, Atari preferred not going in further details. However, now, they’ve disclosed crowdfunding as their main go to funding strategy. Along with that, it also mentions its shipping plans which, according to the said newsletter, will materialize in Spring of 2018.

The newsletter says:

The buzz on Ataribox continues to grow, and we can’t wait to share more news in the weeks ahead.
Ataribox will first be made available via a crowdfunding campaign this Fall 2017 with shipments planned to start in Spring 2018.
Why Crowdfunding? Amazing brands are driven by amazing communities. Coming back to hardware is an important step for Atari, and something we intend to do carefully, hand-in-hand with the Atari community that loves our brand as much as we do. Crowdfunding is the ultimate community approach to bring great products to life; and for Atari, it allows us to reward our community with exclusive access, special editions, and include them as active participants in the rollout of the Ataribox…

Recap from the previous newsletter

Just to summarize the very first newsletter, Atari showed exterior design of Ataribox. Along with that it also discussed some design principles explicitly mentioning the materials used for the console.

Wood and Plastic. The console will be developed in these two materials. It also showed the glimpse of Ataribox by releasing some of its images in brown wooden theme and red/black regular material theme.


Although, Atari didn’t mention anything about the specs and the types of games Ataribox will support but it’s clear that the console will come with SD Card Slot, HDMI Output, 4 USB ports and even ethernet at the back.

Read further details here.

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