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  • Highly targeted community towards CPA marketing
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  • Very little information for free members

The gravest mistake that rookies make in their online money making pursuit is that they become a victim of the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

Most of their time is spent on reading success stories, learning the tricks of the trade etc., but they only apply 10% of it.

Secondly, when they embark on one strategy, they quickly switch to another one as soon as they read another success story like how a teenager is breaking the bank from his home using a simple trick.

If they start with the aspiration of earning through their blogs, a weeks later you’d see them hustling in the CPA marketing arena. A couple of weeks after that they’d be learning about the ins and outs of starting a dropshipping business and probably after a month, they’d be reading literature about how the email marketing works.

After a couple of years, they’ve exhausted all their savings, ruined their precious time and have only generated peanuts from what could have easily been a 4-5 figure business had they been a bit more persistent and stuck to just one opportunity instead of committing themselves on many fronts.

In this day and age, and with the ever-changing advancements in technology, it is increasingly likely that more people will decide to develop an app that coincides with their vision. Once it has been developed, creating a marketing strategy for your app is very important, and incorporating the use of in app advertisement can help to reach your intended target audience, as well as generating enough revenue to help with your business and more areas of your marketing. So, sticking to just one area that you know could help to drive the success of your business forward will be essential for your company.

So, appreciating the importance of dedication and the perks this attribute brings today, I have a review of a forum which has dedicated itself to the CPA marketing only and helps CPA marketers in promoting CPA offers.

The forum’s name is Afflift.

Afflift Review

What is Afflift?

As said above, it is a forum which narrowly targets CPA Marketing and helps CPA marketers to start a successful and profitable CPA campaigns using follow-along cases, success stories, tools and tips etc.

A community frequented by CPA veterans, this forum is a great platform to hone your digital marketing skills in the Cost-Per-Action niche.

The founder, Luke Kling, noticed that people weren’t making the most of their digital marketing efforts because they were just using cookie-cutter strategies that weren’t specific for their industry.

He knew that to see the most success, businesses would be better off if they came up with a marketing plan that was best for the industry they were in as it would be cheaper and more effective.

For example, if you have a tree service business, it’s better if you work with a specialized agency that can provide a tree service leads system rather than a more general plan because you know your money is going directly to people who will be interested in your service.

So, Luke wanted to create a network that would allow people to have individual plans, using the help from the network and other users, to grow and improve their business, no matter what niche they were in. No more cookie-cutter strategies.

Who is the Founder of Afflift?

Ever heard of Luke Kling? If not then let me give you a brief intro about him.

He’s an affiliate marketer himself who works as a Director Marketing of Peerfly. A CPA-based affiliate network and not to forget, one of the most renown website offering thousands of CPA offers.

Till date, Luke has been invited to more than a dozen affiliate summits as a speaker.

Afflift was first published by Luke in May 2018 and in addition to this forum, he owns a couple of other websites as well in the same niche of Internet/digital Marketing.
Luke Kling Peerfly Afflift founder

What is the Membership Fee of Afflift?

Though joining Afflift is absolutely free but you won’t have complete access to its juicy part without becoming a premium member.

In fact, despite joining for free there’s nothing great you can learn from Afflift as most of the content is available only of the premium members.

There are three packages that you can choose from.

  1. Monthly ($20)
  2. Yearly ($200)
  3. Lifetime ($300)

Afflift Membership Fee

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How can Afflift Benefit you?

One thing’s for sure. Despite the fee above, the content of this forum is so powerful that if followed by letter and spirit, you can easily make way more than what you may spend on the membership.

Affilift has follow-along campaigns. The most important part of the forum where a person jots down the details of his recent CPA campaigns and tells you each and every minute details. The benefit of follow-along campaigns is that it reduces the steep of the learning curve that you’d otherwise have to go through in case you start on your own.

The veterans mention all the tracking details along with the traffic sources and tools that they’re using, niches they’re targeting, EPC’s (Earnings Per Click) their campaigns are achieving etc. With these details, it becomes relatively easier to design your own CPA campaign and make it profitable.

Most importantly, the information like which geolocation receives the best kind of response on a particular offer, what traffic source such as PPC ads, PPV etc. works best, what kind of ad (pop, push notification, domain redirect, in apps etc.) generates the best clickthrough rates etc. The gurus share all these vital information so that you get a hang of the whole CPA environment.

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Additionally, Luke and other members also publish informational posts and threads about using tracking and reporting tools, software and websites that help you create high-converting landing pages etc.

So becoming a member of Afflift means that you get to experience the ebbs and flows of other marketers without risking your own money.

Success Stories

Quite frequently, you’ll get across the success stories of expert digital marketers who are making 6 or even 7 figures from CPA marketing alone.

Quite frequently, Luke published an interview of Servando Silva, a top gun in affiliate and CPA marketing who is earning 150K-200K per month.

In the interview, Servando imparts some insightful intricacies of running successful CPA campaigns which I’m sure would benefit many aspiring marketers.

The Afflift forum is filled with such success stories shared by the gurus of the trade.

Afflift Live Case Studies

Coupons and Discounts

One’s thing for sure. If you want to make money, you’ll have to spend money. That’s true for CPA marketing as well.

Even though in most of the cases, you get paid by making the visitors sign up for your offers but this takes some initial investment. For eg. first and foremost, you need quality traffic redirected towards your offers. You cannot wait to rank number 1 on Google for the popular and relevant keywords as that’ll take months.

So the best alternative is buying traffic.

Afflift offers you discounts and coupons of not only the media buying platforms but also different tracking software so that you may be able to track the performance of your CPA campaigns and gain valuable insights.

One of the advantages of joining Afflift is that Luke keeps coming up with different offers to claim huge discounts on these tools and traffic sources.


Not only does Afflift teaches you how to make money online through CPA marketing it also helps you make money from the forum itself as it holds monthly competitions where the winners are awarded lucrative prizes.

Afflift Referral Program

In addition to the competitions above, you can also promote the forum, Afflift to your friends and acquaintances. In return, you earn a recurring 25% commission for every person you refer.

Final Word

Concluding my Afflift Review, I’d repeat what I’ve written above. If you want to make money, it’s paramount that you have laser-sharp focus. Chasing every shiny object would lead you nowhere and given the specific targeting the CPA niche by Afflift owing to which by the way makes it really special, I’d highly recommend that you do join this forum especially if you want to make a career out of CPA marketing.

You can create your account at Afflift here.

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